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  1. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

  2. Black Friday Tourney

  3. TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    Gliterrocket / BLINDHAWG
  4. Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Alberto or the FG knot .
  5. Ranger

    They also had the Champion line for a short time . I'm sure J . Morris will not mess with the Ranger line of boats .
  6. Ranger

    I have owned 3 and would not hesitate to own another . The only reason I sold my last one was cause of motor probloms I got tired of dealing with . Great fishing platform , slow compaired to other boats of the same size and the quality is still great with the new ownership . Resale value is second to none and you can still get a lot of things (for older boats ) from Ranger just from the HIN . I now own a 2016 Triton 18 TRX and love it .
  7. Custom a rigs for night time

    I broke out into a cold sweat just thinking about slow rolling this and then the rod shooting out of my hand . Do yourself a favor and get with James at bumpkinjigs.com and get some of his night time spinnerbaits . You can thank me later or curse me later when you lose your spinnerbait rod .
  8. Black Lights.......

    Moonlights ............ You will not find anyone better after the sale if you have a problom or question .
  9. TNBF Event #2 Cherokee

    Glitterrocket / Blindhawg
  10. Custom rods

    Joe burns custom rods . He makes a TN handle out of cork and graphite rings that touch the blank . I think he is in Cleavland Tn or you should be able to google him . I think they are around 140.00 .
  11. Smoky Mountain Jigs

    Check out bumpkinjigs.com . He lives in Morristown and will ship to you or meet you close by . James is a great guy and will make you anything you want . He also has the best night time blades in the area .
  12. Event #1 Boone Lake

    Glitterrocket and Blindhawg .
  13. New Project

    I only got to watch your promo and the only thing I can add is wear your PFD . I have 2 small children and want them to see me put mine on when the big motor is on and be safe on the water . Dont get me wrong , when I was younger mine had mold growing on them and never seen the lite of day but if you can get one person to at least think about putting it on the next time they are on a boat you have done a great job .