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  1. blind hawg


    If your partner is having to push the boat off the bank with the net then you are almost close enough .
  2. blind hawg

    Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    I may have to take a look at his baits .
  3. blind hawg

    Used ranger

    I Got a brand new 18 TRX and had to put it in the shop a 3 times . Replace reed for my compressor , (Mercury sent me a letter and said to get it changed) torn diaphragm on the air side of the fuel rail and a new tilt and trim . None of this cost me a dime . Just came out of a 2007 Ranger 519 vx with a 200 v max . After 2 years of owning the boat I had to rebuild the motor costing me 4000.00 .
  4. blind hawg

    Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    James will be at Watson's open house Thur ,Fri and Sat . Do yourself a favor and stop by and get some of his night time spinner baits and some swimbait heads . James will have a bunch of jigs already tied up but if you been looking for that one jig you wrecked em on an d can't find any more James can make anything you can think up .
  5. blind hawg

    Damiki Technique

    It will only get better from here on out . I think the fish bite it better in water temps below 50 deg . Watauga is the only exception, they have been eating like sharks for the last month and a half.
  6. blind hawg

    2017 TNBF Trail Classic

  7. blind hawg

    Black Friday Tourney

  8. blind hawg

    TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    Gliterrocket / BLINDHAWG
  9. blind hawg

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Alberto or the FG knot .
  10. blind hawg


    They also had the Champion line for a short time . I'm sure J . Morris will not mess with the Ranger line of boats .
  11. blind hawg


    I have owned 3 and would not hesitate to own another . The only reason I sold my last one was cause of motor probloms I got tired of dealing with . Great fishing platform , slow compaired to other boats of the same size and the quality is still great with the new ownership . Resale value is second to none and you can still get a lot of things (for older boats ) from Ranger just from the HIN . I now own a 2016 Triton 18 TRX and love it .