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  1. mrgimpy

    shimano rods

    I heard it at Watson's last week. One of the sales guys said their dealer told them it was going to start maybe next year.
  2. mrgimpy

    Bank fishing tips

    Well I hit up Steele Creek this past Saturday. The lake was nasty with trash and debris. Apparently there was a storm the night before that made the lake a mess. I walked the bank and found a few spots but nothing was biting. I went around 8 am. Caught a few bushes and trees LOL! I packed up and left and went to Watsons (first time there) got some tips on a few places to go and picked up some Keitech swimbaits and a Pop-R while there. Going to try Allen Branch Pond or Paint Creek Pond this weekend. Hope I have some good luck there! Thanks for all the info here guys!
  3. mrgimpy

    Bank fishing tips

    I'm heading to Steele Creek tomorrow morning. I hit Boone yesterday and hit a 2lber on a c-rig. I must not have set the hook correctly because he jumped off. He flipped me the bird as he went back in. Lol!
  4. mrgimpy

    Bank fishing tips

    Thanks for all the input guys! I've been trying the Texas rig and drop shoting but no luck. I'm not sure if its where i got or the time. I usually try to go afternoons around 5 until 7. I plan on going sometime this weekend early in morning. I might try Paint Creek Pond in Greene County or try to find a pond near me. I have a few Rooster Tails and Jigs, but never have used them before. I might try my Johnson Beetle Spin the wife got me for Fathers day. Wish me luck!
  5. mrgimpy

    Are these good kayaks?

    Thanks for the input guys! I want o get off the bank and in the tank to catch some bass! I'm on a tight budget, so it may be awhile.
  6. mrgimpy

    Bank fishing tips

    I'm a bank fisher and have recently just started fishing bass. I have tried drop shot, Texas rig, rooster tails with no luck. I mainly fish around Boone lake and was wandering where a good easy access place to go and what is better to use. Is Boone a good place or is there some where better? I have never caught anything bigger than bluegill and want to bag something a little bit bigger. I'm an amputee, so I can't go many places or stand really long. I don't mind to sit on the ground though. Thanks for any input!
  7. mrgimpy

    Are these good kayaks?

    So ****'s is selling a couple kayaks for around $200. Wal-Mart has one for around $213 online. I have seen some from Sevylor did around $150. So my question is are these decent kayaks for beginners? I'm on a budget and also looking for something easy to use due to a disability. I need stability. I can really only afford $200. I don't know what to get. I'm an amputee so my height didn't factor in, but I weigh around 240. Any help would be great!
  8. I found you by using Google search.
  9. I'm located in Jonesborough TN. I try to fish Boone and a fishing pond in Erwin behind McDonald's. I haven't really been anywhere else around here. Honestly I really don't know where to go lol! I'm trying to find good spots that are easy for me to walk to and comfortable if I have to sit down. I have fished in the past at the Winged Deer boardwalk, but only get Bluegill. I really want to catch a Bass and know that's not the best place to go.
  10. Hello all! Just find this site and was excited to see actual activity! I'm new to bass fishing and just looking for a place to find guidance and help. I'm a bank fisher right now until I can afford some kind of boat unless someone wants to give me one lol! I'm an amputee as well looking for easy accessible places to fish. I hope to catch my first bass soon!