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  1. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Put me in with bronzeback
  2. TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    Adair and 423fishin
  3. Where's the south holston results?

    1. Mountainman


      Shannon has the results & I think he's had some stuff going on. We'll get em posted asap.

    2. 423fishin


      Gotcha was just curious 

  4. fluorescent fluorocarbon

    I've got some of that stren flourocarbon flourescent 20lb and 8lb if your interested just message me
  5. TNBF #8 South Holston Night

    Adair and 423fishin
  6. It seems like forever since we've had a tournament..

    1. SteveHTN


      Seems like forever since I had a boat to fish a tournament :smash:

  7. 2nd Trip To The Creek

    Was it not muddy?
  8. I sent you a message on Facebook.
  9. TNBF #7 Boone Night

    Got the Watsons open this weekend on holston..
  10. A little more Navigation Help Please

    Yeah if there isn't any current might as well forgot it.
  11. A little more Navigation Help Please

    You can go past (a) if they are not generating just idle and stay to the left of island and watch depth finder but unless they are movin water it's pointless to go that far I've found that if that water isn't moving they won't bite
  12. TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

    False alarm put me in with adair
  13. TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

    im out. Work sucks.
  14. Blacklights