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  1. Jhatcher

    Best place to mount rod holders??

    Thx guys. I think I have an idea of what to do. The transom seems like the best place.
  2. Jhatcher

    Best place to mount rod holders??

    Any ideas or thoughts? Any help is appreciated. Thx guys.
  3. Jhatcher

    Best place to mount rod holders??

    Got my 16ft duracraft Jon boat and a set of two new rod holders from bass pro for trolling. Should I mount them to the transome or up towards the bow a little ways? I do not have a steering wheel so I will be in the back driving and I was concerned that I may get in the way of landing a fish.
  4. Well this is my transome, should I bite the bullet and use this little add on piece for my transducers?i guess that is what it is used for.
  5. Got another boat question. I'm mounting my transducers to my transome and I'd like to adhere some old plastic cutting board pieces to the boat so not to drill holes in it. Any suggestions for a good glue or adhesive to use for this project ? Thx jh
  6. Jhatcher

    MicroSD card required?

    Awesome guys thx for info.
  7. Hey guys, I'm about to install a lowrance elite 4 hdi on the old Duracraft Jon. I fish mainly the waters around Kingsport and I was wondering if I really need a microsd card to enjoy the fish finder. Any thoughts? Jh
  8. I had to cut off part of the old motor mount to make the new one sit flush with the bow. I also fab'd some steel brackets for the side going down to the deck. Will send more pics when I finish.
  9. Thx for the ideas! I got it done with some flat iron bent into brackets and use the outer edge of the bow too. I think it will work great. How can I post a pic of it?
  10. Hey guys, Im trying to figure out how to mount my new foot controlled min Kota to my allweld Jon boat. My front deck is about 3 inches below the bow edges so I need to raise the motor mount up to get the front of the motor mount to hang over s few inches. I am not much of a fabricator and I cannot find anything on the market that will work. Any ideas? Thx Jeff