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  1. Endresonguides

    Damiki Technique

    I always just remember Roy G. Biv. There is a song to remember the colors of the rainbow. But the depth mentioned above is off, it’s 5 meters or around 15 feet. I always got a kick out of the Cajun red fishing line, as this red disappears first was the marketing ploy. The line wouldn’t disappear, it’d just turn blackish. Always chuckled seeing that line...
  2. Endresonguides


    Best fishing gloves I’ve ever used. Put them on when I get in the boat, take them off when I get in the truck. I love my pair. I will say I’ve had to fix mine, the first generation had weak stitching around the thumb seam. Sewed them up, no problems since. I’ve been using them since 2011.
  3. Endresonguides


    Not the first time I've heard of chicken livers for hybrids, they do that on Lake Hopatcong in NJ, but it is the first time I've heard a logical explanation. I've always shook my head and chuckled when someone would say chicken livers. Makes a little more sense now.
  4. Endresonguides

    Drop shot

    So many ways to fish a drop shot rig. I've not seen it mentioned yet, but you can upsize everything (lines, weights, baits) and turn the rig into a "power shot" rig. With cylindrical weights, it's real good to fish near or in lay-downs, comes thru the branches easily. Also, when using heavier weights in deep water, speed of descent is a factor. Quicker to the bottom maximizes efficiency. Another tip I've seen is to vary the length of leader between the weight and hook based on either water temp or action desired. More leader more action, less leader less action. The DS rig is all about versatility. Really no wrong way to fish it.
  5. Endresonguides

    Custom rods

    I've found the long leaders to be a mix of attributes from both lines. Casting distance, lack of stretch from the braid and forgiveness and sink rate from the fluoro. Another benefit is, I can retie a bunch and I don't have to splice on a new leader as often.
  6. Endresonguides

    Custom rods

    When speaking of sensitivity, fluorocarbon is one of the best, IMO. My reasoning has to due with the density of the line, and the fact it will transmit the bite while slack. I find that I feel more bites on semi-slack line with fluoro than any others. With that said I really like running a top shot or T-Shot setup on most of my spinning setups. I run long (20-25') leaders of either fluoro or mono, depending on technique at the time. Lots of benefits like casting distance and limiting twist. P.S. I use the Alberto knot to connect the lines.
  7. Endresonguides

    12V Parallel

    I think you are going to see more of parallel rigging as more and bigger electronics get put on boats. Figure a pro boat has 4 10-12" graphs (panoptix, 360 imaging must take lots of computing power), a hydrowave, shallow water anchors and live well pumps. There is a lot going on there. And not every pro runs lithium batts, but even there I think there are some guys running two 12v in parallel.
  8. Endresonguides

    Paint for soft plastics

    Larry Dahlberg paints his soft plastic lures with the Copic airbrush system. http://www.makelure.com/store/p/1065-Copic-Air-Brush-System.aspx All the fly tying supply houses started carrying the Copic system as a way to color synthetic baitfish patterns. I got out of the shop business before I could mess around with it.
  9. Endresonguides

    BPS buying em all out it seems

    Charger boats is making the old Champ 210 elite, Charlie Ingram runs one. Basscat made a hybrid boat out of an Champ 203 bottom and a puma upper 2/3rds. Supposedly looking to get the handling of the Champion while running, but stable at rest like the 'Cat. I wonder what's left of Champion that's worth anything to those other companies.
  10. Endresonguides

    leaders on braid

    I've had the best luck with the Alberto knot when using as leader. I usually use a 15-25 foot of leader, and the Alberto knot goes thru the guides well enough that I don't notice it. Also, I'm only running braid-leader on spinning rods. I use the double uni when going mono to braid when using mono as backing. Did plenty of saltwater setups when I worked for a shop in NJ, and using mono as backing is commonplace on the big salty reels.
  11. Endresonguides

    Rod advice

    I have all Powell rods. Mostly older Max and Endurance models. I really like them, and found the rods to be a good blend of performance for the dollar. I haven't tried the Inferno series, but I'm sure they are good rods. I believe Watsons has some in stock to check out in person.
  12. Endresonguides

    Kid fishing

    When it comes to lures for kids, I found a Texas-rigged swimbait like a Keitech swing impact to be tops. It's a lure that can be reeled constantly, it can lay on the bottom if the child loses interest for a couple minutes, and fish will eat it. I found out while guiding a father-son duo, using the t-rig, the child can cast just about anywhere and just reel it back without snagging anyone else, the boat or equipment. It was good way to minimize potential injuries as well.
  13. Endresonguides

    Kid fishing

    Daiwa makes a 3' rod called a shorty in the triforce model. I've always thought that rod would be perfect for building a good quality kids outfit. Never seen one in person though. I figure you'd could pair a small spin cast reel loaded with light braid with that small rod, and have a high end kiddie setup. http://www.daiwaweb.com/us/contents/rods/triforce/index.html
  14. Endresonguides

    Kid fishing

    Barbless Aberdeen style hooks would be my recommendation for bluegill fishing. Small gap and long shank. The shank length allows for leverage to hook deep-hooked fish. Worms are good bait, and a minnow bucket can act as an aquarium so maybe a dozen minnows too. Short trips close to home, to places loaded with fish and other wildlife is good bet. Keep in mind the short attention span of most young children, so places with other options is best.
  15. Endresonguides

    Putting a pattern together

    ^^^^^^^^^ That right there.