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    Crankbaits and east Tn lakes go together like peanut butter and jelly.. if your not cranking at some point your probably not cashing many checks in my opinion. I’m no expert but have noticed several things this year experimenting with them. First of all water temp and bait selection is #1 in my opinion. Personally witnessed a squarebill bite hot and heavy with 58-60* temps, 3 days later after cold fronts water dropped to 51-53 and the squarebill bite was not existent. Switched over to flat sided bait even tho it was warm out, that drop in water temp made the difference. Wrecked em for many days on it til the water warmed back up. I throw most of my cranks on a 5:3:1 or 6:4:1. I like slower in colder temps or when slinging big crankbaits. Also pay attention to depth. I write the diving depth on every crankbait under the bill so that I know where it dives. Anything with some chartreuse in it in dirty water and you will get bit. Also, when you do get bit don’t settle on that crankbait. First bite let’s ya know they will eat it, second, and third should be color adjustments to fine tune the bite. Iv seen one shade of red not catch em and another catch 4lbrs. Weird 🤔 I also pay close attention to what my crankbait is doing. Caught a lot of fish killing it after hitting rocks. Hope this helps! There’s a lot better crankers on here but this is my approach
  3. Crriderz01

    2017 Classic Results

    Even tho I got spun out completely I still had an awesome time fishing, and I look forward to fishing with everyone in 2018. Thanks for all the door prizes and for everyone involved in an awesome tournament trail.
  4. Crriderz01

    2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Cody wilder. I didn't realize he wasn't eligible 😒 Looks like Il be flying solo
  5. Crriderz01

    Classic weight prediction

    I believe it's gonna be another tough tournament, 12-13lbs is my prediction but you never can tell about those fish 🙄
  6. Crriderz01

    2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    I will be fishing for sure and partner
  7. Crriderz01

    Black Friday results

    I agree!
  8. Crriderz01

    Black Friday Tourney

    Crriderz01 and partner will be fishing!
  9. Crriderz01

    TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    Crriderz01 and partner
  10. Crriderz01

    TNBF #3 Official Results

    Don't worry it won't happen on watauga lol
  11. Crriderz01

    TNBF Event #4 Watauga

    Crriderz01 and ranger1992
  12. Crriderz01

    TNBF #3 Official Results

    It was a tough day for sure! We had a lot of fun and it was our first ever tournament win! Lookin forward to wautaga!
  13. Crriderz01

    TNBF Event #3 Douglas

    Crriderz01 and Ranger1992
  14. Crriderz01

    TNBF Event #2 Cherokee

    If my partner gets stuck working Saturday can I fish it alone?
  15. Crriderz01

    TNBF Event #2 Cherokee

    Crriderz01 and partner