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  1. same here Rusty...it's very aggravating...i have to buy 7-7/8 fitted hats. those pin head hats won't fit me with the strap not even buttoned...looks like a beanie on me...lol.
  2. try to find a ceramic capacitor, shottky diode, or surface mount resistor made here. thought i remember the military having a problem getting circuit boards for missile guidance systems.
  3. you're right, i can't find any electronic components made in US. pretty scary relying on foreigners for parts to put in our defense systems.
  4. i've never blown an engine in 30+ years and i didn't have new stuff. all i had were blown engines with melted pistons that i rebuilt. i've always run 93 octane with seafoam or some carbon cutter every 3 or 4 tanks. i sold 1 of these engines after running it for a while and the guy melted a piston with 87 octane. while i was at watson's, all melted pistons i saw were running 87 octane. gas these days goes bad very quickly so fresh is most important. 87 octane would be fine but you don't always get 87. 93 gives a safeguard and i bet most of it tests closer to 87. the new 4 strokes should eliminate most of the melted piston problems typical of 2 strokes.
  5. finally got someone that knew the answer. have to replace $200 control board. think i'll stay with my old one.
  6. how does an ultrex know it is in the stored position? my buddy's tries to rotate for a second in the stowed position when he first turns power on. i called minnkota and the person i got didn't know either. and i'm still on the fence about getting one to replace my quiet, light weight omc that does everything i want except spotlock. thanks
  7. i'm NOT positive, but i think the C/S blades were made in jefferson city. i can't remember the man's name but seems like i was in their shop and saw the press they were made on. i think they also had an unusual willow blade that was rounded on the end that attached to swivel. seems they were all made with stainless steel so they didn't have a bright shiny finish but lasted forever. i may be mixed up on this because that was almost 40 years ago but i know the willows were made there. the cup on Shelley blade was designed by the man himself and is totally different from the original france. 90% of all US made blades 'used' to be made by Worth, Lakeland, or Hildebrandt. they're probably outsourcing to china by now. the excise tax has moved almost all large lure manufacturers offshore and put small ones out of business or forced them underground. only fair way to collect excise on lures is at final sale.
  8. i need a set of boxes for an old engine. anybody tried the chinese switchboxes on ebay? they're only $22 each...unbelieveable. i usually buy US parts but most are made in china anyway and resold by US dealers. thanks
  9. anybody got one of these? looks like a game changer?
  10. MOONlite

    new Bantam

    anybody tried the new Shimano Bantum MGL? it feels incredible in hand but for the price, i'd like some reports. i don't care about weight. i do care about smoothness and distance. thanks
  11. new engine is a 3.4L V6, up to 225 hp., 475lbs. they finally listened. now if they'll produce a 250 horse. and the look will take some time.
  12. MOONlite

    light shield

    that was a prototype only and we haven't been able to find a suitable light source for that. that type LED has either silicone over the chip or a large plastic lens that protrudes out too far. silicone doesn't protect well enough from impact damage and a protruding lens spreads light too high and causes glare. also not sure if demand is enough to pay for added cost. if we can find a good light source and get more positive feedback from this year's night fishing, we may consider it. thanks
  13. MOONlite

    light shield

    Full Moons now come with a light shield to reduce glare when standing over or very close to light. Extra shields will be sold at cost for older lights. See your nearest dealer. Check them out on moonliteusa.com Thanks
  14. tom's is on the left on Buffalo Trail road toward Morristown from the red light near Morristown marine. it's a small shop been in business for 30 years+... good bait shop next door. i would call before going there, most shops are busy now. i don't know the mechanics at morristown marine. any time you get work done, have them list everything they did on work order. if you don't understand what they did, ask them to show you. this is only necessary until you find someone you can trust, then you don't have to worry about it. and boat parts cost triple or more than comparable auto parts so be prepared for a shock.
  15. don't waste money on speedometer. most useless thing ever on a boat. an authorized mercury dealer can quote the part price with the engine serial number if it hasn't been modified. Dewayne at Tom's marine is good. most any dealer will charge $75 per hour or more for labor. stator cost should be around $300 and $100 labor should cover it if that's really all that's wrong with it. the key to a good mechanic is finding one that's honest.
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