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  1. on-board charging

    i charge immediately after fishing and then unplug. i have cutoff switches at trolling and start batteries which i keep turned off when not in use. i charge again every 2 weeks if boat is not used. i have less confidence in battery chargers than most. my batteries also last longer with this method. if you have a computer controlled engine and don't have a battery switch, you are almost forced to leave chargers plugged in at all times.
  2. Ultrex

    still on the fence. i've heard spot lock sometime causes rotation too far and pulls the coil wire out of head. anybody had this happen? is this a defect or design problem? it seems there would be a designed limit on how far it could rotate. also seems there would have to be a logic program for what to do when it reached the limit. or does the operator have to take over? thanks
  3. Ultrex

    i guess noise is relative...some say it's noisy, others say it's not. i'm on the fence and my old johnson is quiet and working fine.
  4. Ultrex

    who has one or used one? is the steering assist motor too noisy? thanks
  5. be sure the light's plug is going down into the female connector far enough. if cups are adjusted out too far, they won't make contact. also check voltage. it must be 11.7 volts for lights to operate at full power. sloan/hoppy's style plugs are prone to corrosion if they've been unused for a while. many people put a switch on those style jacks. how did you check power to the jacks?
  6. corroded connections or bad switch.
  7. blacklight question

    is the low setting low enough or too dim? thanks
  8. blacklight question

    for anyone with a full moon that has high/low adjustment on green light, do you ever use the low setting? we're considering eliminating this option. should we keep it? thanks
  9. Night time spinnerbaits

    great discussion. many people don't understand the impact of blade shape, weight, size, material, color, finish, and cup form. add personal preference to all this and spinnerbait choice gets very complicated. and it seems the fish sometimes prefer different blades on different lakes. i wasn't aware Pickens made a colorado blade.
  10. Looking for larger baitcaster

    melbros has 3 brand new 6500s. cheap too.
  11. Loud Mariner

    a 2.5 merc turning 6k+ is one of the few things that still turns my crank. they sure sound better than the big blocks bellering up the lake sounding like a bull moose.
  12. Loud Mariner

    if you have the regular midsection, they have removed the inner liner inside the down housing. they usually drill holes in the down housing at the cavitation plate. you can feel for these in the top groove above gearcase. the inner liner can be put back in and it will be as quiet as stock original. if you have the offshore midsection with open snout out the back, not much you can do but change midsections.
  13. 12V Parallel

    most new boats come with battery switch to connect to 1 trolling battery if start battery is weak. i added one to my boat and it's good to know you won't have to fool with jumper cables. if you're running 12" sonar, some can pull up to 3 amps. and they continue to pull current when in standby mode. that's as much as some of the old tube blacklights. if you're running multiple large graphs and old school blacklights, you may need a 2nd start battery for all night fishing. nav lights and aerators load it even more. if you have room, add a second battery in parallel with start battery. alternator type charging systems can handle the load.
  14. Mercury Outboards - thoughts opinions etc

    look at the merc 150 4 stroke. i've only heard good reports on these. probably won't be as fast as proxs. gray yamahas are good but look out if you have to buy parts.
  15. leaders on braid

    FG is strongest knot i've tried and has smallest diameter. i've never had a break at this knot. some guys make fun of it because of the length. it is more difficult to tie but worth the effort to go through guides when using a baitcaster. Alberto is a close second and easier to tie.