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  1. Joshdave

    8/21 big fish 5.6

    Thanks guys ! Anywhere but that place I would as well. It has some absolute giants in it.
  2. Joshdave

    8/21 big fish 5.6

    Yeah dude had that summer bod going for it.
  3. Joshdave

    Questions about beech creek access, etc

    Watch out for the spill way !!!
  4. Joshdave

    Break ins

    Thanks man !
  5. Joshdave

    Break ins

    White boy please The only lake I have never been to around here is SH
  6. Joshdave

    Break ins

    As many have said before you better leave your truck unlocked and have your trailer secured. You may go 20 times and never have a problem but that doesn't mean it wont happen on number 21. There have been more break in's at this ramp than any other on the forum. I have seen first hand some sketchy guys in a panel truck coming down to the ramp seeing us loading up then moving to the other side of the bridge to the other ramp. They need to put a camera up and charge a launch fee to pay for it.
  7. Joshdave

    First trip to the creek

    Nice work ! That grass is magic
  8. Joshdave


    Release in grease!
  9. Joshdave

    Rod advice

    Hard to beat a Duckett . I am heck on equipment and this brand has not let me down yet.
  10. Joshdave

    5-14 Ft Pat Results

    hahahahahahaha pizza at the ramp
  11. Joshdave

    Event #4 Ft Patrick Henry Lake

    Joshdave and JeffG213
  12. Joshdave

    Event #3 Watauga

    Put me down with JeffG
  13. 25lbs at least with a 7+ kicker. I would say top 5 will have well over 20 with these conditions.
  14. Joshdave

    great start

    Thanks for the update man! I know last time we fished they had a game warden posted up at the ramp.
  15. Joshdave

    great start

    I would like to know this as well. With my truck having mods I don't want to risk coming back and having it on blocks with all my light bar wires hanging in the wind
  16. Joshdave

    2015 Classic Weight Predictions

    15.7 I agree with 423 on big bass
  17. Joshdave

    Humminbird Helix Family Expansion

    Good read. Thanks !
  18. I saw that deer . Someone made a horrible shot and tagged it in the butt. It barely had 4 points on it.
  19. Joshdave

    Welcome THEREALJVD

    Thanks everyone!!