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  1. Hahahaha!!!! I hear ya! I might make a trip up there soon and see what's up.
  2. Dumb question for you guys... running dual chargers for 2 cranking batteries, and 3 trolling motor batteries. Only want to install one plug for both chargers. Will that be ok? Or do we HAVE to run (2 plugs) one for each charger with single extension cord and 3 way...
  3. Well, I pulled the trigger on a demo 2016 Wilderness systems Atak 140. Looking forward to rigging up the yak and getting on the water to try it out!
  4. I have been thinking about selling my bass boat as well and getting a kayak. Mainly So I can save some money and buy a house toward the end of the year. I spend a lot every month on my boat between the payment, Oil, and Gas. I just have a feeling i'll regret it lol.
  5. Ha that sucks! Call and complain to them. I've heard of them fixing problems like that before.
  6. ^ that is a good point!! Thank you for that! I'll start doing that.
  7. 10-4!! Btw I don't "officially" have any sponsors for my channel. I do however give plugs to people I support! I'm going to try and focus my channel around the small tackle shops and tackle makers in the area. Dixie custom rods I support tremendously. Mainly cause that's the rods I use, and his customer service is top notch. All the rods I have and use I've bought. It would be awesome to have sponsors and get free stuff or heavily discounted so I can spend my money on cameras and wireless mics for better videoing. But I'm not going to go knocking on doors and ask. Plus, I'm not going push a product that I don't believe in! I'll never say something is good or awesome when it's really junk! My main goal right now is to gain an audience that will watch the videos I put out and actually like them.. That's why I want all you guys input! I think together with your help, my channel can grow tremendously and show the rest of the country what awesome fishery we have here in East TN!
  8. Oh and one guy to watch is MikeyBallz. That dude straight up catches some toads on the big O in FL!!!
  9. Soooo. What most of you are saying. You want to see some fishing and explaining what is and isn't working on that particular day on that particular body of the water?
  10. Yeah I watch all 3 of them my self. Bama bass sounds just like Jesse Wiggins who dominated on Cherokee this past weekend! Gene imo isn't a sell out, he got sponsored to keep his channel going full time. He still gives good info on products even if they are a sponsored item. He's move closer to the TN/GA line and has been fishing Chick a lot. We talk and are suppose to get together sometime this year if our schedules work out. But I agree he's moved away from his older style of videos. But hopefully he'll go back to that like he said. Jon B is another I watch and AP Bassin. Don't really care for LunkersTV. But my favorite guy to watch is Lake Fork Guy. Justin puts out some good videos!
  11. I couldn't agree more!!! I hate doing "VLOGS" but it seems to be the most viewed content! I am going to focus on more fishing and explaining what I'm doing, than vlogging. Some product reviews.
  12. What's up guys! Sorry I've been MIA. I have been working on a little project, and with your help it could grow bigger. I started into YouTube, and I need some suggestions. What kind of videos do you guys find interesting? (That is, if you watch YouTube) Tips? Review's? Straight up fishing and catching? How to's, ect. Here is the link to my channel. Go check it out if you want!
  13. TnTriton57

    Rod advice

    I have both Dixie and Dobyns Fury series rods. (5 each) hands down both are awesome rods. But for warranty purposes and dealing local, I'm sticking with Dixie Custom rods! It's hard to compare which ones I like better cause both are light and very sensitive!
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