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    Ned Rig

    Well I've not even attempted tight lining yet.
  2. BassinHomer

    Ned Rig

    So it's essentially a shaky head not was well endowed....
  3. Welp, I pulled the trigger last week and ordered one. SUPER excited and man has technology pricing come down a lot. I got mine for $630.00 I remember when side imaging hit the market, gosh I guess ten years back now, I had just sold some property to buy a house and bought a Humminbird. I gave about $1200.00 with tax and map card for mine at the time that only had a 5 inch diagonal screen, side imaging, traditional sonar and GPS mapping. My Garmin I ordered has a 7" screen, built in maps, CHIRP sonar, Side View, Down View, traditional sonar, map creating software. Man I'm super excited. I had to give up my Lucky Tackle Box subscription to justify the payment but hey I got 24 months 0% apr! Spent this morning moving my old Lowrance 525 to the bow of the boat for vertical fishing. Wish I would have never sold my old Humminbird but hey I think this one is going to be better, thanks for the recommendation Wes. Also REALLY hope she arrives this week so I can put her on Sat. and hit the water Sunday.
  4. Thanks guys, I'm super stoked to get out and try it again. It's funny because I don't think 20 something me would enjoy this as much as 30 something me is, hahahaha
  5. Dude none of them in Knoxville had them, none. Ended up having to go to Academy.
  6. BassinHomer

    Off shore

    Welp, I fully intended on going fishing today. My plan was to buckle down and learn to fish offshore. I'd decided to get some marker buoys and drive around looking at structure until I graphed some good looking fish on structure mark it and fish it until I figured this derned offshore thing out. So I go to Wal-Mart last night to pick up some buoys and they don't carry them anymore. Last time I went looking for tungsten worm weights, they don't carry them either. Also, last time I went fishing with Pop's I went to go to Wal-Mart so he could pick up a few things he'd forgot and guess what? They're not open 24 hours anymore. Oh they carry 3-4 different kinds of Machetes, collapsible "fishing trays" for equipment, tents, compound bows ect, but no buoys of tungsten sinkers, smdh. Ok rant over. In all serious any tips otr advice on this structure fishing thing? Also, thank God I didn't go, what with all this rain we're getting right now.....
  7. I really need to hone my off shore fishing and I was wondering how much you all depend on your electronics when locating fish. I mean if your fishing offshore do you only fish areas that show fish on your sounder, or do you just fish likely areas? Do you use marker buoys or strictly bow mount sonar? Inquiring meds want to know.
  8. Doug there was another post you made awhile back about modern trolling motors and electronics being easier on batteries and I have to say, you sir were correct! Even though it isn't new this is the first "modern" trolling motor and I fished from about 7-3 yesterday and plugged my battery up when I got home yesterday to check to see how much juice I'd used and I was still at 70%. I was impressed. Last time out with my old one my battery completely dies after the same amount of time.
  9. I was on Douglas a few years back in some of the worse wind I've ever experienced on a lake bundled up like that and that was exactly my fear.
  10. Hey ya'll, don't know what kind of crankbait rods ya'll prefer but I like a medium action rod with a good bit of action at the tip to really whip it out there. Just picked up a Daiwa Jupiter 7.0 MH from Wal-Mart last week for $50.00 and I think it's going to be awesome. Haven't had a rod that I liked for crankbaits and spinners like this in years and I really think this one is going to be the ticket. I haven't had her out on the water yet but I zinged it around the yard and was really impressed, can't wait for this weekend.
  11. It is OMC, it says that on the bottom of the head next to the serial number. I'm pretty excited, lol. Curious if the quietness will help me catch more fish, it's for sure the quietest one I've ever had. Now to get a depth finder for the bow....
  12. Well I landed myself a 42lb thrust Eveinrude electric trolling motor. I paid $60.00 + a transom mount minn kota which was old. Felt like I made a good deal. Couldn't find much on them onlinf. I suspect they were made by Minn Kota for Evinrude. Anyone seen them or know anything about them? It's not wireless but supposedly has a sensor to eep you out of he mud? The foot pedal works similar too cable driven but it's electric. I dunno, I'm pretty excited.
  13. Well thanks guys. One of the primary reasons I wanted to go with electric was because my boat is so small. I don't know about newer trolling motors but most of the older cable driven ones I've had have had a certain stiffness to the cables and even though I have an extended casting deck I'd still have a limited area with which to work with the cables. The Haswing I'm looking at has a wired foot pedal but it is electric and so I assume would afford more movability. The GPS features are nice, admittedly, but none of the models I was looking at come equipped with that.
  14. Hey ya'll, looking at a couple of different wireless trolling motors. The first is an off brand that seems to have some good reviews, the Haswing Cayman 55. Seems to have some good reviews. Only really saw one negative and that was someone complaining about the durability, claimed it was cheap. The other was a Motorguide w45. most of the complaints on that one were with the foot control loosing connection. Any feedback? Anyone heard anything about either one of these or had any experience with them? I only have a small 16ft Cajun, I don't really need anything over 50lb thrust and 12v system.
  15. Congrats to the winner, and I'm so happy, I wonder what the Indian was like, I was telling my buddy at work it would be tough if they were on beds with the cold front roling through, looks like I was right.
  16. Thanks fellas, I don't see motorguide being thrown around on here anywhere?
  17. Dang son, that's about what took the other Tx out of the same ramp as well. Just waiting for the interview with the winners to hear the prevailing patterns and techniques... I saw mid 50's, I think that cold blast we had week before last stalled everything out a bit.
  18. So what's the best trolling motor at or under $600.00? Are there any electric steering types? For those who have an electric steer pros/cons? I have a small boat so I shouldn't need a lot of thrust.
  19. Yeah, another thing I have to get for mine, I wished I would have run into you at the ramp Sat, lol while we're on the topic, anyone ever have any luck with those solar chargers?
  20. So probably wiser to get another battery and parallel them and run trolling motor and maybe graphs of that?, hmm I don't know if I have room for that, unless ....I dunno have to check
  21. Basically I'm just wanting to be able to charge both batteries from the charging system of the big motor, BUT I don't want to leave myself dead in the water.
  22. So say someone was running a parallel system between the 2nd battery and the starting battery, I know they would discharge evenly but would they both charge evenly from the charging system on the big motor? I pretty much have my lights and trolling motor run off my second battery and is was done but the EOD on Saturday, didn't know if running these parallel would help or worsen.
  23. Hey I want to tentatively sign up, as in I'm fishing a tournament tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's this one but I'm not 100% sure but here's the thing it's out of the same ramp. Okay more explanation that you didn't ask for. I told a fella from work about fishing tomorrow and the site Tx and he wants to fish it so I guess we're in. His dad is fishing it guys have the last name Maples, sound familiar to anyone? Anyhow we're fishing that TX and it's out of the same ramp and I thin it's you guys but I'm not 100% sure, however I will be at 25E in the am and fishing a TX so I'm tentatively signing us up, if that's okay. Hit me up if you have any questions.
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