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  1. tnsportsman86

    Questions about beech creek access, etc

    I love Chickamauga in October the frog bite is unreal
  2. tnsportsman86

    Break ins

    It can happen anywhere. I fish Watauga a lot and was told a vehicle was broke in there a couple of weeks ago at Rat Branch. Its just a shame a man cant go fish a lake and have to worry the whole time if his vehicle is alright and cant enjoy a fishing trip. I want to go to Beech Creek just not willing to take the risk.
  3. tnsportsman86

    Break ins

    They better hope I never come back to my truck while it's happening they won't have to worry about a slap on the wrist
  4. tnsportsman86

    Break ins

    I agree I want to go bad just not willing to to have Windows busted out of my new Silverado
  5. tnsportsman86

    Break ins

    Heard there were some break ins at the ramp last week is this true? Thought they took care of that mess.
  6. tnsportsman86

    First trip to the creek

    What tungsten weights worked the best I have some 1oz do I need bigger heading down for first time Saturday
  7. tnsportsman86

    Beech Creek 6/12 and 6/14

    what size weight you use?
  8. tnsportsman86

    2 Mornings in a Row

    thanks buckeye when do they hit a frog good down there?
  9. tnsportsman86

    2 Mornings in a Row

    Has the break ins quit down there?
  10. tnsportsman86

    great start

    When does the top water bit usually hit on Beech and how do I get there? I have always wanted to fish just didn't want to get broken into.
  11. tnsportsman86

    great start

    has anyone heard if the break ins have stopped? I heard they caught the guy responsible. I would to fish beech creek but always worried about my truck being broke into.