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  1. snj60

    Metal blade vibe lures

    I just got some oval split rings haven't tried them yet.
  2. snj60


    I was working in Augusta Ga. There's a Cabelas store there stop in to check it out looks the same as Gander Mountain. Fancy outside fancy inside not a fishing inventory and fancy prices.
  3. snj60

    Metal blade vibe lures

    I will give that a try when I get back got to go out of town for a couple of months to make some money. Thanks for info.
  4. snj60

    Metal blade vibe lures

    Would a snap swivel work I got a ton of them.
  5. snj60

    Metal blade vibe lures

    Has anyone used those metal blade vibe lures. I tied line directly to the body that didn't work. I put a split ring on one but the weather came in I couldn't get back out to try it. I'm just checking to see if there is a trick to making them swim right.
  6. snj60

    Introduction ladybassing

  7. snj60

    Createx Paint

    Createx airbrush paint I don't know if any body paints any lures out there but you don't have only use an airbrush technique with this paint you can brush it on too. It goes on real well clean up takes a couple of seconds. I been using it to highlight some plain spots on some my crankbaits.
  8. I have got a small piece of aluminum and took a metal cutting bit and cut a slot in the metal enough to get lead around a hook. It works pretty good now on the downside this is not a pretty looking job but I got a weighted hook at a good price. I got one tied on my rod we see how this works tomorrow.
  9. The wife wanted to go to turkey creek today so I stopped by GM the store has the same inventory as the last I was there prices are still high I guess they know what there doing.
  10. I went to GM at turkey creek today sign out front said up to 40 % off still looking fore that everything fishing is 10-15 % off boots are 20-30 % if you like those brands you might be able to do alright.
  11. Also heard on the news if you have GM gift cards there only good until May 18.
  12. I heard on the news GM was closing some stores and Camping world was going to buy GM and that not all stores would not survive will see what happenings.
  13. Went to GM Saturday at turkey creek got a 15% coupon when you walk thru the door prices come down a little but nobody is buying.
  14. Drove past GM today at turkey creek didn't see any signs.
  15. snj60

    acedemy sports brand crank baits

    Something is going on between the two brand of lures there was maybe 12 lures they could be changing things around everything is ordered out of Texas.