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  1. Introduction ladybassing

  2. Createx Paint

    Createx airbrush paint I don't know if any body paints any lures out there but you don't have only use an airbrush technique with this paint you can brush it on too. It goes on real well clean up takes a couple of seconds. I been using it to highlight some plain spots on some my crankbaits.
  3. I have got a small piece of aluminum and took a metal cutting bit and cut a slot in the metal enough to get lead around a hook. It works pretty good now on the downside this is not a pretty looking job but I got a weighted hook at a good price. I got one tied on my rod we see how this works tomorrow.
  4. The wife wanted to go to turkey creek today so I stopped by GM the store has the same inventory as the last I was there prices are still high I guess they know what there doing.
  5. I went to GM at turkey creek today sign out front said up to 40 % off still looking fore that everything fishing is 10-15 % off boots are 20-30 % if you like those brands you might be able to do alright.
  6. Also heard on the news if you have GM gift cards there only good until May 18.
  7. I heard on the news GM was closing some stores and Camping world was going to buy GM and that not all stores would not survive will see what happenings.
  8. Went to GM Saturday at turkey creek got a 15% coupon when you walk thru the door prices come down a little but nobody is buying.
  9. Drove past GM today at turkey creek didn't see any signs.
  10. acedemy sports brand crank baits

    Something is going on between the two brand of lures there was maybe 12 lures they could be changing things around everything is ordered out of Texas.
  11. acedemy sports brand crank baits

    I went to Academy in Knoxville a couple of days ago they must had a give away the strike king and rapalas crankbaits were picked clean the rest of the brands plenty of stock just those two brands I don't think I have ever seen anything like that.
  12. Ok heres a question for ya'll?

    I did exactly what Karma said I went to a jig head open hook and a grub with ribbon tail.
  13. Ok heres a question for ya'll?

    I went through that couple of years ago and last on year on Tellico downsized the bait and it seemed to work my problem is sometimes I try to fish the whole lake instead of the spot I'm fishing.
  14. Sports authority in Flordia when it first opened you spend a couple hours easy as time went on fishing department got worse and worse. Academy is going down the same path we went to both stores when they opened in Knoxville and Chattanooga both stuffed to gills with tackle now it's the same stuff ****'s Sporting goods in Maryville is about the same.
  15. Trolling

    In the late 1980's Mike Mceallen Champion Walleye fishermen and Infisherman magazine did some of the first underwater tests for crankbaits to see what they were really doing underwater that was all part of that time when the 3:80 reels hit the market low and slow was the deal which does make sense because you have to throw a lure 100 to 120 feet to get it to dive to it's maximum depth general rule of thumb and very few people can throw lures that distance also what they found was that if you reel to fast your lure can have the opposite affect and begin to rise.
  16. Testers needed

    There is some science to what Softbaitmaker said if you reel to fast on a crankbait it can have the opposite effect and begin to rise.
  17. Fishing Show

    Fishing show this week Knoxville Epos center I found a guy last year who was priced right Thundersticks Rebel lures Smithwick Jelly worms 2 dollars a piece did ok.
  18. Bomber long A

    The most viscous strike I ever had was with that lure I was fishing C14 canal a main drainage canal for the Ft. Lauderdale area it was right after a big rain and the pump house pumping water into C14 canal just like when there running water out of the dams up here. Anyway I had the little propellers chugging along and something hit it that lure the biggest strike I have ever seen it was like a 5 Ft. circle anyway I didn't think nothing of it starting throwing another rod with a spinner bait on it no luck so reeled in picked up both my rods and noticed that the bomber lure what ever hit it had ripped the treble hook off and straighten out the split ring and that's when the thought came in to my mind maybe I'm glad I didn't see what it was I still have the lure sitting in my box if I can get photo bucket to work I will post it PS. The lure works great and have caught some nice fish on them.
  19. Cost of tackle?

    That would seem to make sense seeing how the h2o and strike king take up almost half the isle and I don't about there restocking I went to academy to buy my wife a fishing shirt for Christmas couldn't find no shirts talked to a manager of some kind said they got plenty of yoga pants no fishing shirts until spring. He went on to tell me that every thing is ordered out of Texas.
  20. Cost of tackle?

    It seems that all of these sporting good stores / outdoor stores are promoting there own brands and slowly phasing out the name brand lures.
  21. Cost of tackle?

    GM is following BPS in the way they set up there store a lot of the fishing products they, sell are under there name which is fine, but the question becomes does the name brand products you just took off the shelf and replace with your brand, qualify to charge the same premium price. Just saying.
  22. Translucent hardbaits

    I think it was the right conditions I've had that happen you tie something on to try it and it works then you think you got something going on then you try it next trip and you just throw goose eggs.
  23. Cost of tackle?

    Yeah a few years ago they had the closeouts and clearance out in the isles you could pick up some deals I know they changed there fishing tackle a lot of it is there own brand and not cheap like the other place in Kodak.
  24. Cost of tackle?

    Let's not forget about G mountain over there in turkey creek talk about the high rent district.
  25. New fishing rods

    I know that these split handled rods have been out but it is getting hard to find a rod with full handle.