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  1. James76

    Tourney #7 Cherokee Lake

    James76 & Kyle (guest)
  2. James76

    Duckett Crankin Rods

    I have the exact same rod and like it well. Little flimsy for like a 5xd but has worked well for me with traps, 1.5s and 2.5s and dt-6's, I have a bass pro extreme 5:3:1 reel on it. Very pleased with mine.
  3. James76

    Event #5 Douglas Lake

    James76 & guest
  4. James76

    Putting a pattern together

    It Seems like it's just a guess of where they are until you can catch them or find them.
  5. James76

    TNBF #2 Douglas Lake Results

    Good job guys.......atta way to haul in some chunkers!!
  6. James76

    Putting a pattern together

    I just have a hard time "knowing where the fish are" but I know it comes with experience. It's just hard for me to figure out where the fish are and why.
  7. James76

    Event #2 Weight Prediction

    17.44lb with 5.5lb LM
  8. James76

    Trailer trouble

    i noticed they were a little rough to the touch after I wiped the grease off. Thank you for that one Steve.
  9. James76

    Trailer trouble

    Just wanted your alls thoughts on this or if you have had same problem..I have had 2 wheel bearings/hub assembly's go out on my single axle boat trailer in the past month, and one about 6 months ago. One on drivers side was about 6months old and the other side was 3yrs, they were both packed with grease but the passenger side had some water in it. Does anyone else have problems with their trailers like this, or know a fix? Thanks guys!
  10. James76

    Event #2 Douglas Lake

    Add me in and partner
  11. James76

    Event #1 Cherokee Lake

    sign me up with guest until he joins website
  12. James76

    Soft Plastics

    motoroil zoom U-Tail