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  1. Bird721


    Keitech and Zoom swimmers are my favorites. But they all seem to be pretty good. Colors seems to be more important than name brand to me.
  2. Bird721

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Nice boat Andy. Hope you enjoy it. Is that one of those that comes with a guarantee to catch fish. I would trade up if its true. LOL
  3. Bird721

    Nitro Z18 - Finally home!

    Congratulations Wes! Nice Ride. I'm partial to the color also! haha
  4. Bird721

    Braided line on spinning reels

    I'm more light tackle than most. I only use 8lb or 10lb power pro moss green with a 4lb flouro leader most of the time. sometime I go to a 6lb mono leader under some situations. I love it honestly. can throw it a mile and feel every little bump. I'm sure larger braid is equally as good!
  5. Bird721


    Welcome aboard!
  6. Bird721

    Feider on Cherokee

    Glad you told me I won't waste money on them anymore. Probably shouldn't have bought 50+ packs.
  7. Bird721

    Feider on Cherokee

    Noticed many of the elite guys vertical fishing. Figured most would be on the Damiki but I saw Feider was using what looked like a keitech. Anyone see that also?
  8. Bird721

    Set ups on baits!!!

    Nice setup. I've been a big fan of shaky head fishing for a while. Bet these will work great also. Good Idea!
  9. Bird721

    First timer

    Welcome to the site. Great people on here. You will learn a lot.
  10. Bird721

    Spinnerbait rod

    I have 2. One is a 7' Lews MH I use for open water and slow rolling. But I also have a 6' BPS Bionic I use for fishing in willows and brush. Great control and can roll those spinnerbaits right up under the willows when needed. Tightlines.
  11. Bird721

    First Time on website

    Welcome to the site. Tightlines!
  12. Bird721


    Welcome to the site!!
  13. Bird721

    anyone know about these

    These are the old Cabela's Mr. Mean grub. Was a hot item up north for smallmouth. They have been know to catch big smallies deep in E.Tn. as well.