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    Keitech and Zoom swimmers are my favorites. But they all seem to be pretty good. Colors seems to be more important than name brand to me.
  2. Bird721

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Nice boat Andy. Hope you enjoy it. Is that one of those that comes with a guarantee to catch fish. I would trade up if its true. LOL
  3. Bird721

    Nitro Z18 - Finally home!

    Congratulations Wes! Nice Ride. I'm partial to the color also! haha
  4. Bird721

    Braided line on spinning reels

    I'm more light tackle than most. I only use 8lb or 10lb power pro moss green with a 4lb flouro leader most of the time. sometime I go to a 6lb mono leader under some situations. I love it honestly. can throw it a mile and feel every little bump. I'm sure larger braid is equally as good!
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    Welcome aboard!
  6. Bird721

    Feider on Cherokee

    Glad you told me I won't waste money on them anymore. Probably shouldn't have bought 50+ packs.
  7. Bird721

    Feider on Cherokee

    Noticed many of the elite guys vertical fishing. Figured most would be on the Damiki but I saw Feider was using what looked like a keitech. Anyone see that also?
  8. Bird721

    Set ups on baits!!!

    Nice setup. I've been a big fan of shaky head fishing for a while. Bet these will work great also. Good Idea!
  9. Bird721

    First timer

    Welcome to the site. Great people on here. You will learn a lot.
  10. Bird721

    Spinnerbait rod

    I have 2. One is a 7' Lews MH I use for open water and slow rolling. But I also have a 6' BPS Bionic I use for fishing in willows and brush. Great control and can roll those spinnerbaits right up under the willows when needed. Tightlines.
  11. Bird721

    First Time on website

    Welcome to the site. Tightlines!
  12. Bird721


    Welcome to the site!!
  13. Bird721

    anyone know about these

    These are the old Cabela's Mr. Mean grub. Was a hot item up north for smallmouth. They have been know to catch big smallies deep in E.Tn. as well.
  14. Bird721

    Looking for opinions!!

    Doug, I think you need to consider the grub I sent you recently. It has many features of the leech and has been a proven success on East Tn. lakes. Not sure if you can find the molds anymore or if someone can make them for you but its a guarantee for smallmouth up here. Also I have to say as many others already have. The beaver gets a lot of attention here also. I think one made of your buoyant plastics would be spot on. Your baits are topnotch!! Tightlines!
  15. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you actually use 2 units while idling looking for fish or just 1 unit. I already have a HDS 9 gen 3 at bow and at console and recently had the opportunity to pick up another identical unit very, very cheap. Wondering about mounting a second unit at the console or selling both and getting a single 12 to put there. If using 2 units what's the best mounting application for two units going on a Phoenix 721. Any input would be helpful. Thanks guys!
  16. Thanks SilverFox but I think I have decided to stay with the dual units for now. Appreciate the thought though!
  17. I am thinking I will stay with dual 9's vs. going to a single 12. I like the idea of running my chart on one and side/down scan on the other. Doing that on separate 9" screens should still be large viewing and better than going with a single 12" screen to do both. I think you guys are correct in using the same transducer. Only concerns is if I mark fish with one unit will they my waypoint on the other units. I'm thinking so if they are all connected. Also I would like to add a Point 1 as well this winter. Should it be position at the rear of the boat closest to the down/side scan transducer for better working. Thanks for your input fellows!
  18. Bird721

    Plastic storage

  19. Bird721

    New To The Area

    Welcome to the site. Great bunch of guys here. Thank you for serving!
  20. Just wanted to give a shout out for the softbaitmaker. I recently ordered some baits and ask his advice on a lake that's had me puzzled for years. I got some good advice along with an assortment of his baits to try on this particular lake. This was my first time ordering custom soft baits and I was amazed!! They look great and can't wait to try them! My only complaint is it will be Saturday before I can get on the water. Great Job Doug!!!!
  21. Bird721

    New Smash Swim baits!!!

    Great looking bait. Would love to see a video of one in action. What length and what's the weight of them?
  22. Bird721

    Glory Bags Culling System

    I'm with SteveHTN you have to catch more than 5 to need a cull system. I usually can't even cull in a big bass tourney. LOL
  23. Bird721

    rain suit

    I have the BPS 100mph set. Has performed great even at 70mph in pouring rain. Downfall is it's hot in summer. I usually go shorts and flip flops in summer and don't worry with rainwear. Oct-April you can't beat the BPS 100mph gear. I'm not a big fan of BPS but this is worth the money.