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  1. BradW


    Just wondering what you all prefer on here and how you fish them? I actually caught my first fish on a spinnerbait yesterday. Never really fished with them and didn't seem to have the patience. haha. But decided I would learn yesterday and it was the only thing I fished with. Caught 2 good sized LM and let a monster get off. Lost him right at the boat...probably a 4 or 5 pounder I used a terminator chartreuse and white spinner with tandem blades and just straight cranked it. What kinds do you guys like and how do you fish them? I heard you can add all sorts of jerks, rips and pauses and I was just curious as to what everyone else likes to do and what you've had success with.
  2. I'd like to see Butler or VCU win it, but I'd much rather have UConn win it over KenSucky! Sorry fellas

    1. Tracker1861


      I guess you like Mike Hamilton as your A.D. also. lol

    2. BradW


      haha, definitely don't like MH. I have gotten on board the Cuanzo train though. ...and Dooley is the man!

  3. Had a good fishing day on Citico. Next weekend should be solid! Hitting up Tellico for some early bass fishing tomorrow I think.

  4. I also do not have the luxury of owning a boat at this point of my life, but hopefully next year. I just graduated from UT and now work as a manager for Hertz. I'm off most all weekends so if anyone needs a fishing partner give me a shout. It's hard to find good places to bank fish. haha. I'll pay for gas!
  5. Thanks fellas. Just found the site because I'm interested in learning a bit more about bass fishing. I usually stick to trout fishing on Citico Creek and Tellico River, but I'll occasionally fish for bass, crappie, and catfish on Tellico Lake. I grew up around the Tellico Lake area, but now live in Knoxville and I don't know too much about Ft. Loudon or Melton. I'm very interested in learning new techniques and places to fish around here. ....and would be down for fishing trips to other states/lakes if you all do that.
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