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  1. Looks good what is the prices I apologize if I missed the prices
  2. The more I’m learning about the BPT it seems to be made for tv and that could be ok but there’s something special happens when a group of fishermen head out from the dock and spend 8hrs battling the elements and fish and bring in their catch For weigh in that can’t be replaced plus a lot of other elements that are to numerous to mention probably the most important is interacting with the fans after all we’re the ones buying all the stuff. Hope BASS and FLW can make it more affordable to stay on tour
  3. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the new BPT do you think it’ll go who will join what will be the long term effect etc.
  4. congratulations great catch enjoyed fishing with you guys again hope our schedules allow us to fish more in the future.
  5. Finally got to try out the k9 line it is everything u said it would. Still want to fish with it a few more times hopefully before the weather gets to bad for night fishing. Thanks for telling me about this product
  6. Thanks for the offer but I ordered some k9 going to give it a try
  7. Thanks for the help. One more question does it show up good in a black light
  8. does anyone know of a good fluorescent fluorocarbon line in the 12# and up range. i use to use stren but they quit making it and i've seen the lite crappie line at some of the local tackle stores and it's not what i'm looking for. any help would be appreciated
  9. do we need another liability form for each tourney or will one cover for the season
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