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  1. NETangler

    2nd. Rodeo feb 9th Pat Henry

    Boone is turning into a mud hole and its two feet higher than they raised it to at 1360 but will flush alot of water out headed to Henry.
  2. NETangler

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Drove by pickens ramp today. They are raising Boone for testing til march. The walkway to float is underwater. Junk starting to float as well.
  3. NETangler

    Black Friday results

    What kind was the trash fish?
  4. NETangler

    Catching fish on a wrench.

    So who's gonna be the first to put it on a a-rig.
  5. NETangler

    Rod Socks

    Since the boone drawdown I've found 2 rod socks and hooked 1 on a plug. One says Stickjacket. Just cleaned the mud out of them. Are they easy to blow off rods going down the lake.
  6. NETangler

    TNBF Event #4 Watauga

    understand just a thought.
  7. NETangler

    TNBF Event #4 Watauga

    Have you thought about flipping the Watauga date with the south Holston date tournament Watauga should be lower and more accessible by then.
  8. NETangler

    TNBF Event #4 Watauga

    How does up at milligan ramp and water conditions look muddy trashy?
  9. NETangler

    #10 Boone Tourney

    Drove by there this morning. It was open, two trailers already put in.
  10. NETangler

    Fishing Line

    Take a Q-tip and run it around the inside of the guides if the cotton catches you've got a crack in it, sometimes just hard to see it it's small.
  11. NETangler

    jerkbait line

    Just wondering what type line to use on a jerkbait like a rogue. I only use 8 stren mono. Is sequar line any good it has a smaller diameter.
  12. NETangler

    Rapala DT series crankbaits

    Broke bill on a dt6 recently. Don't slap the water with it to remove gunk. I got a berkely brown mustard digger 6.5 to replace. Haven't tried it yet.
  13. NETangler

    lower unit

    The whole thing is shot. Tried Watson don't have any. Looking at a SEI lower unit online. Reading good and bad things about them.
  14. Lower unit on 03 Johnson 150 went out on me other day. Looking for one anybody know anything, thanks.
  15. NETangler

    Fee Increase