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  1. Tykan22

    Skipping Jigs

    I hate skipping. Love flipping and pitching but boy skipping really takes time to get use to. If I do decide to skip my shimano reel is the only one I pick up. I have a diawia tatula I occasionally pick up for this reason but the t wing system doesn't seem to like it that much. Just find one you are comfortable with holding, I think the key is having a combo that fits well in your hand. I use any type of jig though. Once you can skip one they all can be skipped. At least I think so
  2. Thanks for the insight. For as cheap as they are I may buy one just for the heck of it. Lol
  3. Well I will put in my two cents on Norris as I fish Norris every single weekend through the entire year. Norris, out of all the other lakes around here I find to be the hardest to adapt to. Norris is a very deep man made lake with bare minimum essentials such as lay downs etc. when you fish Norris you look at different rock structures from big chunk rock to middle size flat rocks, deep rock walls and your flat lands that can hold some off shore rock. Points, humps, and off shore rock is where the fish seem to stay. Of course, sometimes I feel like because there is so many acres of water, the fish seem to only build up on different sections of the lake. For instance, summer/spring fishing I feel the fish like the upper end of Norris like Brogans boat ramp area, fall/winter I fish down towards loyston sea and occasionally fish the dang. Norris is a lake where deep is not deep enough. Typically I never fish under 25 ft but generally I hover around 40 ft of water and throw long cats to the bank. Norris has limited resources, so take your time and take advantage of your structure scan, fish those points and humps and don't get irritated if you don't catch anything. After a few times out you will understand the fish a bit better on Norris! Jigs and soft plastics works wonders on Norris. I use 1/2 oz jigs and 3/8 bullet weights for plastics. Crayfish and lizards seem to be the best with spinner baits and crank baits not falling to far behind.
  4. I have had this weird memory in my mind to buy a poppin frog or hollow bodied frog and go to town with it this fall. There is one thing that keeps stopping me from buying it every time I have it in my hands. Norris lake doesn't have any type of vegetation that you would theoretically use a frog for. My question to you all is, do you think vegetation is a must? Or on a lake that has more water and rock than the ocean that a frog may be a good bait to throw because bass probably doesn't typically see it?
  5. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    I spooled up with 30lb spider wire glow vis as I fish at night. And ran Berkeley vanish 12 lb leader line. My dad spooled up with strens 100% fluorocarbon clear blue. Either way we fished for 14 hours and didn't have an issue with either one. i checked my line often and didn't have to re-tie but 3 times all night. Same with my dad. Thanks fellas. Enjoyed the feedback
  6. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    Thanks fellas! I'll take a look into my guides and all.
  7. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    Me and my dad have 4 rods a piece and generally it ends up breaking around 20 yards or so back on any of our rods. I am thinking where we fish further away from the bank the line is rubbing against the mussels or rock and we don't notice because we are working our baits. I'm going to try power pro moss green with a good fluro leader line. Just gotta get tying a double uni knot down
  8. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    I never thought about the zebras cutting my line. My problem is the dang line cuts down in my spool. Not so much a few feet. I just want a good all around strong line and iv yet to find one. I had good luck with braid but like rusty said I can't fish braid when I can see my line 15 ft deep. So overall biased or non biased opinions what do you all think I should give a shot?
  9. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    Would you recommend braid to fluro while using jigs and soft plastics? If so, what do you use for your leader? As much as I don't want to braid seems to be my only option. I have tried p line mono and just like every other mono I have these weird break offs all the time. Annoys the heck outta me. So braid I assume will be my only choice unless they make a super duper strong fluorocarbon.
  10. Tykan22

    Fishing Line

    I fish Norris Lake, The only lake I do fish. And boy let me tell ya, this is the year I really got into fishing hardcore, and I am having so much trouble finding some fishing line that will withstand the amount of rocky banks and stuff on Norris lake. I have spent at least $300 on fishing line, from Mono, Fluro, Braid. And it always seems that every single line I get drives me up the wall the entire night I fish (or day now...Its to dang cold for night fishing). I do re-tie often (after every snag, or after I catch a fish), but I don't exactly see why I should have to re-tie that often (granted I know good practice). Either way, what line do you all use on Norris? I fish a lot of jigs, crankbaits, and soft plastics.. Let me know!!
  11. I ended up purchasing some seaguar senshi. It is a clear mono with fluorescent. So far I like it
  12. I generally go every Sunday but hopefully we can get together and go some time. I enjoy meeting people that enjoy fishing.
  13. I didn't like the stren it was horrible. I may try the p-line to see how I like it never used a co-polymer line before. I have always used 100 fluro
  14. I have heard of a few fluros that glow under a black light and I was wondering if any of you have used or could give me some insight on a decent brand? I don't have 20 rods to be using for day and night both so I prefer to have a mutual type of line for both day and night. Any insight would be great!
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