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  1. yeah I dont think anyone is making them anymore.
  2. I hate to see you shut down Doug I enjoyed your products.
  3. I have so many he made me a while back I need to get on the water and use. I have to admit.... I have only thrown a senko or stick bait a handful of times.
  4. Karma

    Ned rig

    how is the water out there? Everything was blown out brown when I was driving west out of K Town the other day.
  5. Karma

    Jig pouring

    If you're trying to make a profit off of them, you have to do large quantities at a time. Getting everything ready and prepped to make someone a batch of 6 football jigs is not time or cost efficient. We make them in bulk, one of the local stores around here has started carrying ours. Having a nice shop is key, we got heat, AC, a tv, internet... makes time in that facemask go by a lot faster. It's even better when someone who bought something from you sends you the photos of the hawg they caught on it and you can see how excited they are. That gets me absolutely stoked and pumped up to keep going. I had a guy send me this last night. and a video he shot of it, you could tell he was pumped. We are using it on our facebook page.
  6. Karma

    Triton vs. Nitro

    well we have two dealerships in Cookeville. S&R Marine - Tritons and Cookeville RV and Marine - Nitros. So the dealerships are both there if need be. I am leaning more towards the Triton at this point, it would have the higher resell value and everyone I have spoken to that owns one loves it. Not to mention I think I would be getting a better deal despite the difference in horse power. The Triton 189 runs 60-62 mph with the 150 motor and the Nitro runs 70-75 mph with the 250. To me that is not that big of a deal. There is a lot of debris in the water on some of the lakes I fish so I won't be running WOT all the time. Not to mention, my current boats top speed is 34 mph... The Triton has a base price of around 31k, toss in 2 power poles and some nice electronics and I am on the same price point as the base level Nitro, with about a 10 mph difference and a boat load (pun intended) of money saved.
  7. Karma

    Triton vs. Nitro

    I will look into that. I went to the lake today and there was a guy I know getting ready to load up his Triton, we started talking about it and he asked if I wanted to go for a ride on it. We ran a few miles down the river and back. Pretty dang nice boat, he had a 2006 model but it looked brand new a TR20 I think? duel console. I am not really a fan of the duel console, I always sit down there to tie on new lures or work on something. I was impressed with the boat. I may end up pulling the trigger earlier than I was planning. I have always had trouble loading up my Tracker and tonight in the dark I was trying to load it up and ended up falling and injuring my knee ... again. The same knee I have multiple surgeries on... busted it up pretty bad swollen and bleeding, got it in ice and gaws now. Don't think I did anything too serious but enough to get me thinking. That is the hardest boat to load up I have ever had or used. no the largest recommended engine for the 189 is the 150.
  8. Karma

    Triton vs. Nitro

    lol I hope this does not start some massive debate but I was looking for opinions. My Tracker 175 has served me well and I enjoy fishing it, it has given me an advantage of being able to get into places most fiberglass boats wouldn't dare. With that being said, it's down falls to me are it's stability, storage and speed. I have been considering it for a while but I was planning on trading it in on a Triton next spring/summer but... being from German decent, I have a tendency to over analyze and do a lot of research.. so I am taking notes and preparing for this months in advance to make sure I get exactly what I want without breaking my piggy bank. I have checked out the Triton TRX189 at S&R Marine in Cookeville. It seemed to be a solid boat, from a manufacturer with a solid reputation and a nice price tag. 18.8 feet long with a 94 inch beam with a 150 motor for around $31k. All in all, that sounds like a fairly good deal all things considered. The most glaring thing that I do not like about this boat is the lack of a middle seat. Not a huge deal to most but occasionally I take a young cousin, nephew or niece out with me or their father so I would really like to have one. Stopping by Bass Pros and looking at the Nitro line, I really was not impressed with them at all initially until I started watching some youtube videos on the boats. They had a lot more features than originally meets the eyes and I have been more than impressed with their Z20. You are looking at a 20 foot boat with a 96 inch beam and a 250 hp motor for around $39k. It has an optional middle seat (the Triton may as well but I have not asked) and just some other great features I was impressed with. The spare prop and storage area in the rear for example. They seemed to have a lot of innovative features standard that the Tritons do not. However, the reputation of Nitro..... not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers that owns one... no where near as good as Tritons. That being said however; those reputations may have been made/earned years ago before these new line up of boats have came out back in the dark ages when transoms were still being made of wood. Anyway, with that being said... I was wondering what opinions on here would be. I know that several of you have just bought both makes of boats.
  9. I've seen a lot of guys swearing by the vt2 vents. I have some at home that I have not yet installed. I understand the concept, exchanging the gases in the livewell, letting hot air escape, force cool air in. My problem with it if this... It's designed to push cool air in when the boat is cruising across the water from spot to spot. Seems well in theory but.... The livewell and the vents are behind the seats and the occupants, which are going to be blocking this air from going into the vents.... So exactly how much cool air is really going to be forced into these vents? I can say that so far I've had no issues with fish dying in my trackers livewell. There is so much foam around it that I use the box next to it as a cooler. It will hold ice and cool drinks for several days in the hottest days of summer. It works better than the actual cooler in the cockpit floor that I just use for storage now.
  10. Karma


    I keep my rods in the rod locker on my boat but it shouldn't be weathering. I bought it from Cabelas or BPS (dont remember which) in Bristol and brought it home, put it on the spool and went fishing with it the next day. I was hoping I came across a bad batch but then googling last night I found this... http://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?t=327851 perhaps its not just me. Even though this is a few years old.
  11. Karma


    so last year I started using P-Line Flouroclear as line on my cranking rods. I thought it would be nice, a mono line with flourocarbon around it. I liked it for the purpose it did, it was still sensitive, not as much as 100% Flourocarbon but it was still nice just a little "duller" on the feel. It worked well and I caught plenty of fish with it. This year I respooled my cranking rods with it and... well I have never had so many line snaps and breaks. It has me scratching my head trying to figure out what is going on here? I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about P-Lines quality going down or if they had experienced the same thing themselves? I had a monster on the other day, easily 8 lbs. I was stoked, I was all ready to take measurements and photos and have a replica mount made. I was looking in the water at her with my eyes bugging out and as my partner ran forward with the net... *SNAP* the line broke. I just sat down put my face in my hands and cried. Then I took all the line off and immediately replaced it with Stren Flourocarbon (I can already see Doug shaking his head) that fish would have easily been my PB.
  12. I was looking at trading in mine this summer for a Triton 189 but with this increased performance I think I will hold onto it for one more summer.
  13. I didn't notice any speed increase, but there was no decrease either. I have a 2015 Bass Tracker 175 TXW so, V Hull and windshield as well.
  14. I took it out again today on Cordell Hull a little rougher water than yesterday on Dale Hollow and the performance is still unbelievable compared to the 3 blade. I am really enjoying this set up.
  15. Karma

    Bladed jigs

    I've caught fish with them year round. From farm ponds to lakes, I have caught them on white, black and blue and green pumpkin. I use the white during the times of the year when the shad are the most active, green pumpkin in just about all water conditions except for low light/muddy, that is when I toss on the black and blue. I rolling it in along the shallow banks especially places with rocky or gravel bottoms. The rocks or gravel must do something to the sound it makes that drives them into either a feeding frenzy or an "that's annoying, I'm gonna kill it frenzy" It's one of my favorite ways to fish the area around Defeated Creek campgound on Cordell Hull. I use the Z-Man version and then one that I make but I can't sell it due to Z-Man's patents on the thing. They have a patent on the direct hook eye to blade connection, as well as the custom design of the blades that they use. They are also not shy of taking people to court over it. I know for a fact they have threatened several other small manufacturers and have taken larger ones to court over this bait.
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