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  1. Damiki Technique

    Yes they do. I am really excited about adding this mold to my line up. I have had my eye on it for a while but my guy on the west coast not started to sell the trailer keepers them in bulk until recently. Not only will it work better for this technique than the shad heads I current have/offer but frankly the detail on them is fantastic. I already have my mind spinning about what I'm gonna be able to do to these with an airbrush. I have special plans for them.
  2. Damiki Technique

    I went ahead today and ordered a mold to start producing jig heads designed with the Damiki technique in mind. The belly of the jig head has a crescent moon shape extending from the head back to help balance the bait a little keeping your plastic back a little balanced and level on the fall, instead of the nose down with most jig heads. Of course they will also work as a standard swim bait jig head as well. I will be able to produce them any color you want with any color eye combo. Sizes will be 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4. I will let you guys know when they are available.
  3. Ned Rig

    Been researching lots of finesse fishing techniques over the summer and this one is raising my eyebrow... It is supposedly a real numbers catcher, but the quality of the fish vary and you can also catch panfish on it as well. I have watched several videos online, some people claiming that you need to buy the mushroom head jigs and the zman baits designed for it etc etc and then there are the guys I have seen that are just using a regular old panfish style jig head and half of a senko. With that in mind, looking at the rig, I cant help but wonder what the real difference is between this set up and larger curly tail grub rig? It seems that you could can get the same action/effect out of a ned rig that you could one of the larger curly tail jigs.... Anyone fish this that can shed some light on my question?
  4. Jon boats

    Don't get him watching those videos.... you can't stop. Some of them are very impressive others are meh.. and then some I think they would have been better off just buying a used bass boat. Those videos are like internet crack cocaine.
  5. Hey guys, been asked a few times on my prices etc. I am going to post my jig prices and custom crankbaits designs I make in here now. Standard Jig colors are below, custom colors available upon request. Tennessee Shad Jerkbait Raspberry Chartreuse 2.5 Squarebill Midnight Special 2.5 Squarebill I guess I should have tilted the jerkbait up a bit..
  6. That is an interesting concept. The weedguard would have to go in behind the eye of the hook to allow for a trailer bait, I am thinking that a standard fiber weedguard would be far too large, however a wire weedguard may be possible. I will look into this.
  7. sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. I had completely forgotten about this. This is just a sample bait we made up for testing purposes. I have also been doing a lot of orders on the new poison tail style chatterbait I am making. They look great and I personally get a better hook up ratio with them. I caught 5 in less than 20 casts the other day on my largest farm pond which is about the size of a football field.
  8. I have seen the face of God.

    They only make them in 1/2 oz, so it has a bit of weight to it. I am not too worried about it in the wind, but I am hoping I will get a chance to test it this weekend.
  9. I have seen the face of God.

    If you have ever fished with me, my love for spinnerbaits will become apparent. They are my favorite search bait. I also find them to be fairly versatile baits. Anyway today I was at Bass Pro in Memphis when I discovered this..... It's like the love child of an Alabama rig and a spinnerbait. I remember the old golden nugget baits of the past, but why did it take so long for something like to come out and why have I not heard of it before?!? I wish I would have had this yesterday. I would need a sling for my arm. They are expensive at BP, $15. I ordered some more online for cheaper, $11... I got them in 3 colors. I can't wait to play with these.
  10. I have seen the face of God.

    sorry... the name of the product is the Molix Mike Iaconelli Lover Triple Willow Spinnerbait
  11. I am on the road in California right now. I have some made up in the shop back home but I was waiting for our ball bearing swivels to come in (should be any time now ) before I mounted the blades on them. I didn't want to make them with the crane swivels, my personal preference. As soon as I get those in I will post some.
  12. I have to admit, I am really loving these new poison tail swim jigs. This is one I made the other day with a custom skirt. I paired it up with one of those yum worms that have the paddle tail on the end. A lot of guys pitch and flip these as well, I can't wait to get on Cordell Hull with this one.
  13. ok I now have the correct menu listed... I hope. I have scanned over it 5/6 times for any errors but I know someone will find one.
  14. oh dang it. I spent hours last night revising that chart and didn't upload the correct one. I will get that done soon. It is supposed to have more wording under it. Customer can choose from either crane swivels or ball bearing swivels. We can also sell them as just the heads if someone is looking to use them as just a plain swim bait jig. for those of you that want to know the difference between the types of swivels... crane swivels are used commonly in spinnerbaits, used in carolina rig set ups... very common general purpose swivel both ends of the swivel rotate but they generally require more speed to get them rotating. Can be found just about anywhere, cheap and easy to replace. ball bearing swivels have one end that doesn't move and have more fluidity in their movement and therefor can start spinning at a much slower speed. I have heard of them failing after a lot of use but imo... you are probably going to lose the bait before that happens unless you are just dragging it across the bottom through the mud, sand and other small debris that can get inside the bearing area.
  15. ok fellers... I have just updated our jig menu, we modified the prices on some items and we added some new items. We have added the new underspins. These are made with Gamakastu hooks and we can paint the heads in any color/colors you like. We are coating these in the same epoxy we use on our crankbaits to protect the paintjob from nicks and abrasions. We now have poison tail swim jigs, customer can obviously select the color of the jig head as well as the color of the skirt and eyes. A chatterbait/bladed version of this is available as well. We are now offering standard round/ball head jigs ranging from 1/32 to 1/2 oz just in time for the fall crappie bite or whatever else you want to use them for!
  16. Ned Rig

    It is also known as the turd rig....
  17. Ned Rig

    I have been watching videos of it online underwater. I guess its kind of like a mini shaky head of sorts as @31Airborne mentioned. Since the clear waters of Dale Hollow can put up a bit of a challenge and get frustrating at times, I thought this set up may be a good approach. I am going to give it a try this coming weekend. I have my cousin coming in town from Georgia and on top of being a Dawgs fan, he is an awful fisherman. I gotta find a way for him to be able to catch something other than a dang bluegill. I am pretty sure I can at least get him to catch a few smallies creek fishing a Texas rigged river bug. He is 30 and still has me tie lures on for him... Anyway, this seems like it may do the trick if he can have the patience to work it correctly.
  18. Blackburn Fork 8-11-17

    Well... I was expecting storms all day and didn't really want to get caught on the lake in a thunderstorm so I grabbed my kid brother, a couple of spinning rods and jumped in the Jeep... we drove about 3 miles down to the Blackburn fork with is a small tributary creek to the Cumberland River that runs through Jackson County. The water was cold and crystal clear, you could clearly see the rock bottom. We stopped at several different locations casting at stumps, old bridge posts with some depth to them along the old dirt and gravel roads. I was throwing a green pumpkin river beaver by strike king (i think) Texas rigged on a 2/0 hook, he was throwing a biospawn 4 inch plasma tail in green pumpkin / chartreuse on a drop shot set up. We had a blast catching these river/creek smallmouth. Something I plan on doing a lot from time to time now on days I want to do something a little different or don't feel like loading up the boat. The water felt good on a hot summer day to!
  19. Soft baits

    I still have a lot from my last order. Most of the soft baits I use are for trailers, I caught one Sunday afternoon on a chatterbait using one of the craws I ordered from you as a trailer. That fish killed the craw, obliterated it. They are excellent craws, I am surprised you are not on back order for those.
  20. Stan Sloan's Bait Co.

    I was wondering what y'alls opinion is of this line of baits? The reason i ask, is that I have a friend on the FLW tour that is sponsored by them. He has told me that if I can hook him up with free baits then he will slap my logo on the boat the next time he gets it wrapped. So of course I want to know people's opinion on my "competition" so to speak and some of the things I have noticed. A few months ago in either MTB or LTB we received a spinnerbait from them, but everyone was complaining about it because one of the blades on it was too large causing it to run sideways and what not while others complained that the thing had actually fell apart inside the packaging. Tonight, I opened my MTB box from July and had a jig in it from them. I decided to inspect it and opened the package, dumped the bait on my desk and without me even so much as touching it, several of the strands in the fiberguard/weedguard feel out onto the desk. Just raised my eyebrows and felt more and more confident my baits are of better quality. I am wondering if anyone else has had any experience with their products and honest opinions of them.
  21. Stan Sloan's Bait Co.

    I don't do buzzbaits as of yet. These two baits are the only experience I've had with this line. The jig was an easy fix, just added a couple drops of super glue to the fiberguard base. I did have the problem with the spinnerbait running sideways. That was easily fixed as well with a smaller lower blade. Nothing not fixable, just not something I'd expect in a new bait. Other than that I did like the jig. It's going in my kayak tackle. It has a unique head design.
  22. Hydrowave 2

    I agree about the Livingston Lure crankbaits. On the other hand, I've caught more fish with their white spook with the ebs than I have any other spook. I think that actually makes sense though. A crankbait moving along the bottom making those sounds probably doesn't seem natural to them... However a white spook with erratic stop and go movement on the surface with those sounds probably does.
  23. Hey guys, I have a tournament Saturday morning and as soon as we get the boat back in the shed we are going to remove the awful vinyl flooring and install some 20 oz charcoal carpet I ordered from one of the 5,000,000,000,000,000,000.99 carpet manufacturers around Dalton GA. I redone my Fish and Ski boat a few years ago but never done a bass boat and I want this one looking at great as possible. The old fish and ski boat was 30+ years old so.. it didn't have to be perfect. Anyway, any advise you guys have on the subject would be great.
  24. recarpetting the boat, advise?

    well I did managed to get a couple hours of work on the boat this weekend after all. I thought I would share some photos. So far so good, Just taking time to get it right. We tried to lay out the old vinyl floor coverings and use them as a template, but we found that to be a bad idea because they shrink/distort. So we ended up just have to measure the area we were covering and make our own. Not a big deal, just more time consuming. All we have left to do is the rear casting deck and the lids/hatches, trim up some areas, throw the molding on remount seats and we are good.
  25. recarpetting the boat, advise?

    well its been delayed until next weekend. Work. What you gonna do?