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  1. I have been looking into this, just so you know! This may be something we get done in a few weeks and I will let you know. I just need to keep practicing with my dremel which.. well I am shaky with. Also as of right now, we are closing down Flatt-Land Tackle. We have something big in the works. I can't really comment on it right now. I will keep you guys in the loop as things progress and will be back to making great stuff soon!
  2. Hey guys, been asked a few times on my prices etc. I am going to post my jig prices and custom crankbaits designs I make in here now. Standard Jig colors are below, custom colors available upon request. Tennessee Shad Jerkbait Raspberry Chartreuse 2.5 Squarebill Midnight Special 2.5 Squarebill I guess I should have tilted the jerkbait up a bit..
  3. Karma


    yeah then he can see me get pissed and throw my gear into that lake. I love that lake, gorgeous but.... it frustrates me beyond belief.
  4. Karma


    found this walk through of a 2011 model. Looks pretty nice. I would be interested in the ride quality.
  5. Karma


    Steve, If you are looking for a new boat, I would check out the Tracker 195. I have had a 175 for a few years now and the top speed of about 35 mph gets to you after a while. Not to mention the slimmer hull can be a little unstable at times. I am planning on trading mine up soon. I have been shopping around looking at the Nitros, which did not impress me at all. You get more boat for the dollar with a Triton by comparison. The Tracker 195 though, very large casting deck, 150 hp mercury (top speed 63-65) for around $26k. I have kind of narrowed my search down to the 195 or a Triton 189.
  6. Karma

    Lowrance Elite 12 ti

    I have the elite 7 on my boat. They are great units. I have been thinking of upgrading to the larger screen at my console and moving that 7 unit to my kayak.
  7. Karma

    Used ranger

    It's pretty hard to beat a Ranger boat. With that being said.. Its an 11 year old boat, what condition is the carpet in, the seats, has it oxidized? I wouldn't want something that has been left outside for 10 years. I'd want to inspect it well first and have a mechanic look it over.
  8. Karma

    Damiki Technique

    it does.
  9. Karma

    Damiki Technique

    I don't know. Some people claim that the red eyes trigger bites. It sounds kind of strange but then again, the brain of a fish is kind of strange as well so ..... perhaps it all pans out in the long run?
  10. Karma

    Damiki Technique

    well I got home to my molds yesterday and set out to work using them. I didn't like the amount of detail that the powder paint took away when they were dipped in the fluid bed and baked. Nothing terrible, but no where near as good as they came out when I took my airbrush and painted a white, gold and black shad scheme on them. I love these. I coated them with the same stuff I use on my hard bodied plastics to protect the paint. I guess I should try some with red eyes as well.
  11. Karma

    Winter fishing

    I went out of Dale Hollow in 20 degree weather. I'll pass on the winter fishing.
  12. Karma

    Jig pouring

    You can actually find good quality lead on ebay and various other places for decent prices. I generally pay about $1 per pound. We used to get ours from the local gun range for $5 for100 lbs but it was unrefined and by the time you melt it down and get all of the jackets etc out of it... it's not worth the hassle. I wouldn't bother with wheel weights either, I have heard of them causing explosions.
  13. Karma

    Tourney Scales

    well I don't get to fish with you guys much being in the middle of the state but I do enjoy the forums and enjoy the dialogue so I will drop in a donation here in the next few days. I didn't realize those scales were so expensive!
  14. Karma

    Jig pouring

    when we first started doing it, it actually started over green pumpkin football jigs. We caught a lot of fish on them and of course you lose jigs dragging them across the bottom. Walmart never had what we wanted or was always sold out of green pumpkin so we invested in the equipment and started making various jigs and hard plastics and selling them to locals to make up for some of the investment costs. Since the nearest Bass Pro to us is 80+ miles away and the only decent tackle shop in the area charges and arm and a leg we caught on pretty fast in these parts. Advice.. don't skip on the safety equipment. You're going to get burned at some point. Get some nice leather gloves, always wear eye protection. I don't know what pot you ordered but with ours it has a lever we use to open and close the flow of lead, even with it closed it drips and splatters off the bottom plate, if one of those splatters hits your eye... well you get where I am going. We have started putting an old soup can down under it to catch some of the lead but some splatters still fly up.
  15. Karma

    Jig pouring

    I make and sell them. The initial investment can be fairly substantial with the equipment depending on how expensive you want to go with that. Lead pot, molds, hooks, paints etc. They don't really start paying for themselves until you start making vast amounts (hundreds) of them. If you're just looking at making a few custom ones, your better off finding someone who does custom ones and ordering them. Here is a video of a friend of mine from the west coast doing a video explaining the cost or the old is it worth it question. if you're just looking at getting into it as a hobby or something to do during the cold time of the year, I will say it can be fun! Also keep in mind that he is sponsored by Do-It so he uses their products and lists their prices. You can find some things cheaper in various places on the web but the prices he lists are a fair analyst.
  16. Karma

    Catching fish on a wrench.

    I seen a guy make a spook out of an old sharpie and was catching them on it.
  17. Karma

    Damiki Technique

    Yes they do. I am really excited about adding this mold to my line up. I have had my eye on it for a while but my guy on the west coast not started to sell the trailer keepers them in bulk until recently. Not only will it work better for this technique than the shad heads I current have/offer but frankly the detail on them is fantastic. I already have my mind spinning about what I'm gonna be able to do to these with an airbrush. I have special plans for them.
  18. Karma

    Damiki Technique

    I went ahead today and ordered a mold to start producing jig heads designed with the Damiki technique in mind. The belly of the jig head has a crescent moon shape extending from the head back to help balance the bait a little keeping your plastic back a little balanced and level on the fall, instead of the nose down with most jig heads. Of course they will also work as a standard swim bait jig head as well. I will be able to produce them any color you want with any color eye combo. Sizes will be 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4. I will let you guys know when they are available.
  19. Karma

    Ned Rig

    Been researching lots of finesse fishing techniques over the summer and this one is raising my eyebrow... It is supposedly a real numbers catcher, but the quality of the fish vary and you can also catch panfish on it as well. I have watched several videos online, some people claiming that you need to buy the mushroom head jigs and the zman baits designed for it etc etc and then there are the guys I have seen that are just using a regular old panfish style jig head and half of a senko. With that in mind, looking at the rig, I cant help but wonder what the real difference is between this set up and larger curly tail grub rig? It seems that you could can get the same action/effect out of a ned rig that you could one of the larger curly tail jigs.... Anyone fish this that can shed some light on my question?
  20. Karma

    Jon boats

    Don't get him watching those videos.... you can't stop. Some of them are very impressive others are meh.. and then some I think they would have been better off just buying a used bass boat. Those videos are like internet crack cocaine.
  21. That is an interesting concept. The weedguard would have to go in behind the eye of the hook to allow for a trailer bait, I am thinking that a standard fiber weedguard would be far too large, however a wire weedguard may be possible. I will look into this.
  22. sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. I had completely forgotten about this. This is just a sample bait we made up for testing purposes. I have also been doing a lot of orders on the new poison tail style chatterbait I am making. They look great and I personally get a better hook up ratio with them. I caught 5 in less than 20 casts the other day on my largest farm pond which is about the size of a football field.
  23. Karma

    I have seen the face of God.

    They only make them in 1/2 oz, so it has a bit of weight to it. I am not too worried about it in the wind, but I am hoping I will get a chance to test it this weekend.
  24. Karma

    I have seen the face of God.

    If you have ever fished with me, my love for spinnerbaits will become apparent. They are my favorite search bait. I also find them to be fairly versatile baits. Anyway today I was at Bass Pro in Memphis when I discovered this..... It's like the love child of an Alabama rig and a spinnerbait. I remember the old golden nugget baits of the past, but why did it take so long for something like to come out and why have I not heard of it before?!? I wish I would have had this yesterday. I would need a sling for my arm. They are expensive at BP, $15. I ordered some more online for cheaper, $11... I got them in 3 colors. I can't wait to play with these.
  25. Karma

    I have seen the face of God.

    sorry... the name of the product is the Molix Mike Iaconelli Lover Triple Willow Spinnerbait