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  1. Rodknocker


    I Have an ulterra an I love it just wish I could manually raise it with an pull cord always worried that it might not come back up or the battery die but other than that it’s a great motor
  2. Thanks whopper I’d apreciate it
  3. Rodknocker

    TNBF Watauga Results

    Congrats on the win guys tough night see y’all at Douglas
  4. Rodknocker

    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    Rodknocker an triton173
  5. Thanks I love winter fishing an don’t want to get stuck with it being frozen up
  6. Anyone have an ulterra an could u tell me if u have used it in the winter in freezing conditions does it freeze up a lot cause its all electric an belt driven as far as up an down function thier nice but if it freezes I’m goin to an ultrex
  7. Rodknocker

    Rescheduled TNBF #7 Boone Night

    Rodknocker and triton173
  8. Rodknocker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Me an Dad went any way cause we wanted to see what we could catch it was a good practice night I hope it’s the 22nd
  9. Rodknocker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Sounds good see u guys out thier
  10. Rodknocker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Triton173 and rodknocker
  11. Rodknocker

    Tuff day on the creek

    Sunday We caught five on a buzzbait early right at daylight working our way out to the main channel an then went punching grass my buddy caught another small one then that was it after 9 they shutdown for us but always fun fishing thier u just no ur gonna hook a giant every time u go lol
  12. Rodknocker

    TX #6 Cherokee Results

    Good job on the win guys Cherokee has been my enemy this year but managed to hook a good smallmouth first in a few years for me
  13. Rodknocker

    Results tx 5 Ft. Pat

    Thanks it’s no big thang lot to keep up with I no how it is this is the best club I’ve ever fished with great job guys see y’all on boone
  14. Rodknocker

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    Rodknocker & triton173
  15. Rodknocker

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Rodknocker an triton173