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  1. Rodknocker

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Congratulations Bobby an Randy on the win
  2. Rodknocker

    2019 Tournament Trai Schedule

    Great looking schedule guys look forward to March 2 an get goin again
  3. Rodknocker

    TNBF Gear Info

    I’m in for 2 long sleeve jerseys
  4. Rodknocker

    TNBF Merchandise

    I’m interested in buying a jersey if anyone else would be interested please post to get enough to make an order an get the best price awsome looking jerseys
  5. Rodknocker

    2018 TNBF Classic Results

    Congratulations to the winners an all the guys that caught fish an a big thanks to all the guys that run this trail best club I’ve ever fished people are nice to everyone an get along an they don’t care to talk to you that goes a long way with me good job guys can’t wait till next season starts up
  6. Rodknocker

    2018 TNBF Classic

    Where is everyone
  7. Rodknocker

    TNBF Merchandise

    Cool thanks
  8. Rodknocker

    2018 TNBF Classic

    Rodknocker & triton173
  9. Rodknocker

    2 Hummingbird g2n networking units

    Sold one unit have 1 left has every thing but a transducer in the box il make some one a killer deal if ur interested
  10. Rodknocker

    Black Friday results

    U ain’t kidding jigflipper I was a grind for sure we caught a little cat fish an 2 stripe all the bites we had big difference from 2 weeks ago lol but we had fun playing with my new lowrances I’m in love with fish reveal on the down scan hole new world of seeing fish for me congratulations to the winners an all that caught fish
  11. Have 2 hummingbirds for sale thier helix 7 g2ns network capability between the 2 as far as sharing waypoints an stuff they have down imagining side imagining as well as gps an 2d sonar nothing wrong with them just goin back to lowrances I have the cables to link it to ulterra I pilot link an network cable bass pro has them on sale for Black Friday I’m asking $900 for them both an the transducer an cables located in Kingsport 4234809791 text only please
  12. Rodknocker

    TNBF #10 Cherokee Results

    Congratulations on the win
  13. Rodknocker

    TNBF Merchandise

    I had a rough club tournament on watauga last night wind was ruff an it rained all night got soaked an Dad wasn’t up for Cherokee il meet up with one of u guys an pick them up when ever is good for u sorry I wasn’t thier today
  14. Rodknocker

    TNBF Merchandise

    OK thank you