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  1. Marine

    Lew's LFS reel

    Thank you for all the info!!! What type/brand of rods do you recommend? Also, is the Quantum Smoke reels as good as the Tour, KVD Tour, and other comparable reels? I've also discovered KVD Smoke reels on ebay... did he go from KVD Tour to KVD Smoke reels while he was still with Quantum? Thanks!!! EBay has been my go to for getting all my more expensive rods and reels... it's where I got all of my higher end Quantum rods and reels. I've been looking at some KVD Smoke reels but I'm not sure if they're on par with the KVD Tour reels, if they're more like the cheaper "KVD Team" stuff you use to find at Walmart, if they're just a Smoke reel with his name slapped on them, etc... I'm researching Lew's as I don't know them like I knew the Quantum selections back in 2013. I'm not exactly sure what their Pro Fisherman use, not sure what is considered a cheap, mid level, and top end Lew's reel. I will buy top end if I can find a great deal on ebay but I don't mind mid level... I mean, mid level today is what top end was just 10 years ago. I'll also be looking at the Shimano that the "Honorable Mayor" spoke of. Any and all info & help is and will always be greatly appreciated!
  2. Marine

    Lew's LFS reel

    I know this is a 5 year old thread but I haven't been in the bass fishing game since 2013. At that time "KVD Tour" (not KVD Team) rods & reels were fairly new or at least considered "current." I bought several of those rods and reels, I love them, but they're no longer being made. I've heard a lot of good stuff about Lew's in general but I know very little about the specifics of their products. From reading above it looks as if the "LFS" model is great... however, looking at the reels... there's several different models of LFS. I checked out a Carbon Fire and it felt, looked, & seemed to handle just as good as some of my Quantum PT reels. Do you fine folks mind to give me some info & insight on Lew's reels & their rods? Is their rods just as good as their reels. Is the Carbon Fire a good reel... it feels good but the lower price point has me worried. Thanks in advance for any & all info!!!
  3. Welcome aboard... great site but even better people here!
  4. Welcome aboard... these folks are awesome!!!
  5. I was looking for the word that best describes how I'm feeling about learning new techniques/styles, remembering knowledge I've forgotten, & getting up to date on the fishing industry (rods, reels, baits, new companies, etc...)... you found the word for me "OVERWHELMED." Like the company "Lews," it seems like they're a huge presence in the bass fishing world now. 2013 was the last time I was active in bass fishing & there's been a lot of changes in those 7 years. When I was active Quantum's EXO & Smoke reels were pretty new. At that time Quantum had a very big selection of reels but now it seems like they've greatly downsized their selection; it's like Lews has taken some wind out of Quantum's sails but I'm just taking a guess. Not long before I stopped fishing I bought several Quantum KVD Tour rods and reels.
  6. Wow... aren't I quite behind the times... lol
  7. Not really, I've only fished shallow waters down here... plus I haven't fished from a boat much at all. I was able to fish Douglas several times from a pontoon I owned while I was a recruiter in Knoxville, but that was only a handful of trips. On those trips I only fished shallow because that was all I knew about at the time. I'm going to learn how to fish both deep & shallow water... power fishing & finesse.
  8. 100% agree... mistakes & failure is one of the greatest learning tools... Basically you're saying, in regards to versatility, is that each lake has areas that you can fish shallow or fish deep & have opportunities to catch fish at each type (shallow or offshore) somewhat year around... obviously not counting the spawn. I've already came up with the idea to make trips where fishing is secondary to learning how to find offshore structure, humps, ledges, ditches, etc... using electronics, GPS, sonar, imagining, & good Ol' fashion paper maps.
  9. I'm 100% going to learn how to fish deeper waters; offshore. I'm at the very beginning of learning/researching about fishing offshore and didn't know if highland lakes like Norris, Cherokee, & Douglas were almost always an offshore, deep water fishery (with exception of the spawn). I'm nowhere near tournament ready. I'm sure there's plenty of folks that fish tournaments that have a lower skill set than my own but I'm not going to compete w/o being confident in myself. The only exception would be entering a tournament just for the heck of it... just solely for fun w/o expectation to win. I only want to fish for fun with my family & for use in helping me battle my combat related PTSD... however, I want to become a great bass fisherman... regardless if I ever fish a tournament. Thank you for the info & advice!
  10. thanks for the reply. I knew about the black lights showing mono (didn't know it would show fluoro though) & wasn't powerful enough to show the banks, however, that was years ago & I wasn't sure if there was some kind of new black light tech or black light/white light combo. I never heard about using green lights. Is white light, Moon Glow type lights not utilized by the majority of folks nowadays? I know next to nothing in regards to using lights at night for bass fishing other than that black lights show clear-blue mono lines and other lines specifically made with whatever makes them show up under a black light.
  11. Will the black lights show you the bank or do you have to use them in conjunction with a white light as well? Seems I remember hearing something about a "Moon Glow" light from my uncle back when I was a kid... about 25 to 30 years ago.
  12. Wow... so much info!!! Thank you!!! Most importantly, thank you for your service brother! I'm going to have to read through your reply a few times before I fully grasp everything... and then I'll probably come back with a bunch more questions...lol.
  13. Is this what you're talking about? http://www.moonliteusa.com/ I know it's an old thread...but I'm researching & learning from the site.
  14. Welcome aboard! I use to bass fish out of a pontoon... it did great but when the wind is going it can be a headache at times.
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