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  1. Marine

    Football Jigs & Jig Heads

    Outstanding info & lessons taught by all you fine folks! I've got a lot to learn in regards to the specifics... i.e. weights & styles of jigs to use in specific situations.
  2. Marine

    Football Jigs & Jig Heads

    Anything I've read about in regards to football style jig heads are that they are utilized for off shore/ deep water structure. Why couldn't football jig heads be utilized, in success, for flipping & pitching or even regular T-Rig type presentations? From what I've read they are utilized in some of the same scenarios that a C-Rig would be used in but I've not seen any other use for football jigs/ jig heads other than for off shore presentations. It seems like there could/ should be more uses for them... are there?
  3. Marine

    Dead Sticking Soft baits

    When I was stationed on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune I would fish the ponds on base (from the bank) & weightless soft plastics were my bread & butter lures. The main 2 types were flukes & a stick type soft plastic. Dragging a stick type soft plastic lure over top of the weeds & then just letting it drop was a killer presentation. If the fish were aggressively feeding then they would hit it on the fall; if not... just letting it sit on the bottom & twitching the rod tip would usually do the trick.
  4. Marine

    Skipping Jigs

  5. Marine

    Putting a pattern together

    That's one thing that I learned was just because the front has moved through & it is now a bright, blue bird sky doesn't mean that you can't catch fish... just means that those fish have moved tight to the cover. My thinking is that pre-front is a good time for aggressive presentations such as fast moving baits & post-front is time to slow it down and fish soft plastics, jigs, etc... tight against cover.
  6. Marine

    Putting a pattern together

    The way I understand it is that the change in barometric pressure is what triggers the feeding frenzy & once the front has passed the pressure changes once again & shuts that feeding frenzy down.
  7. Well, with a 200hp carbureted 2 stroke I need to do everything I can do to save on fuel usage!!!
  8. Marine

    Skipping Jigs

    That's good to know because I tend to worry too much about not having heavy enough line on my reels.
  9. Marine

    Bringing the Shine Back

    Thanks for the input everyone!
  10. Marine

    Putting a pattern together

    This is gold! I don't mind doing my own research but sometimes I just don't even know what terms to search for... kinda like having a ton of questions but not knowing exactly what questions to ask. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction... hopefully my future questions on subjects like this will be a little more advanced.
  11. Marine

    Skipping Jigs

    That's the article that spawned this topic/ question(s) of mine! Thanks for sharing though!
  12. Marine

    Putting a pattern together

    So the moon phase is basically the same as the feeding times that are published in local/ regional fishing & hunting magazines? I guess you would utilize this info to either be in your best spots during that time &/or utilize a more aggressive technique? Photo period; I just don't understand how that effects the fish... seems that photo period coincides with the seasons & a seasonal pattern (water temp reliant) would be the same thing?
  13. Marine

    Bringing the Shine Back

    Have any of you fine folks ever had to bring back the shine on your boat? Basically have you had to shine up a boat that has had that faded look & if so what did you find was the best product in terms of wax & polish? Thanks in advance for all the info!
  14. I guess that might explain why I've seen boats shooting a rooster tail up in the air as they passed by. How can you tell when you've trimmed too high that it is no longer effective... besides trimming it all the way out of the water... I think that would be pretty obvious!
  15. So basically anything slightly above idle will start to bring the front end of the boat up? Also, why would you not have your motor trimmed all the way down once you are on plane? I know these are rookie questions... but they are questions coming from a bass boat rookie!