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  1. Leemurphree


    Nike makes a winter time golf glove that I really like for fishing. They are easy to fish with but I swap to a heavier glove when driving the boat. They aren't water proof but I treat them with water proofing spray and they do pretty good. They wouldn't help a lot in a heavy rain but otherwise are great.
  2. Leemurphree

    Night time spinnerbaits

    I grew up in Alabama fishing the Coosa River lakes and the night time spinner bait was the go to bait for sure. You always had to play with the retrieve to see what was going to be the key that night, sometimes slow roll it, sometimes yo yoing was the ticket. On nights with a bright moon I would switch to a white spinner bait with a single colorado blade. Sizmic made a small bubble gum colored frog that was a great trailer for the white blade, and on the black ones I would swap up between black and blue trailers and red ones. The zoom super chunk in ruby red was my favorite when they wanted it yo yoed. Punisher Lures makes a nice bream colored spinnerbait with a red blade thats I used with a lot of luck on grassy lakes like Guntersville and Lay Lake. This is my first year in Tennessee and so far I've had to relearn how to fish to pull a few out of Watauga so I'm sure night time fishing will be the same, but I know that when I'm out there and one of those late night storms start rolling in and the wind picks up I'll be throwing that blade until my arm falls off, those are the nights when you might get 3 or 4 fish before they break your spinnerbait in half from hitting it so hard.