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  1. Want to buy Revo Toro 50 baitcasters or Revo Toro winches. Right handed only. I would prefer the older models, without the magnetic controls, in 5.4 to 1. 423-534-4262
  2. Shelly blade third from left. Shaped very similar to the Ultra Vib.
  3. A Shelly blade is more like the Ultra Vibe or Jewel. It's nothing like a France. The France blade reminds me of the older Lazer blade.
  4. I've got a blade I'm trying to identify. It's a colorado blade marked with C/S inside a diamond. I don't believe they are still being made. Does anyone remember these blades? Where they were made, name of the company, ect... Also any suggestions on favorite blades......
  5. Thanks!! I look forward to it!
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