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  1. BulletDeuce

    Lew's LFS reel

    Ditto to what The Honorable Mayor said. I own both Lew’s and Shimano’s- I have nary a negative remark about either. Keep an eye on EBay as sometimes there are some great deals on Top End stuff. Just be mindful of where the seller is located and I tend to stay away from buyers located in salty or brackish conditions. Also, there are Tons of closeout brand new Quantum KVD reels and rods since he is no longer sponsored by them.
  2. Black Lights will not show the bank, however the green lights will help with showing the bank/trees, etc. Black Lights are made to be used with fluorescent line- either monofilament, fluorocarbon or braid.
  3. Welcome to the site & Tennessee.
  4. Electric Motor perhaps? Either that or something from Back to Future type boat motor.
  5. http://bassfan.com/docktalk_article/20343/brp-to-cease-production-of-e-tecs#.Xs8HxeRq0lQ
  6. Haven’t heard of anything lately, but anything is possible this day in time.
  7. Yes, you can put a full size bass boat in. As far up as you can venture is Burem Island, I know a few people who know it well enough to run further, but I don’t have the cahonies.
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