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  1. Okay folks.. I wasn't knocking anyone.. I just drive by there a few times a week and noticed a lot of RVs since I read it was under new ownership. Last week when I went past I spotted a lot of pontoon boats as well. There was also some bass boats on the lot now, I have no idea what is on the inside. I just remember when I use to go by there was a bunch of bass boats around the lot. There is nothing wrong with deversification. And Skeeter makes a beautiful boat. All makes sense in the big picture. Open up inventory to pander to the massess. Fishing market is finite but the recreational / fishing market is huge. Besides don't everyone need a camper to take to the lake for a week of bass fishing :D
  2. You mean Morristown RV? They have more campers now than boats... consider preowned.. save thousands.. Maybe a Triton 20TRX Elite
  3. Does it read a micro sd card? If so a Navionics card should work.
  4. I had a 18' G3 fiberglass boat.. upgraded to a Triton TRX20.. Sometimes I miss the smaller boat but not enough for me to regret my choice. Love the ride and especially the deck space on the 20' Fished the cherokee tx with Pitchin Pigs . we both were on the front deck a few times without issues..
  5. Exide makes there batteries.. Personally I'm not a fan of Exide batteries.. Never got the life out of them when I was buying batteries for my trucks. But again that was heavy duty use. Perhaps for marine use or automotive they would be fine. Always had good luck with Duracell (east penn) and Johnson controll batteries
  6. I think it is great how the other anglers who aren't fishing step up and help. Kudos to Brett and Tripp for jumping in and helping out...
  7. NobbyNobbs

    Bladed jigs

    and feel free to let them settle to bottom and give em a couple hard pops...
  8. Impressive win with a 1.5 squarebill for KVD on Grand this weekend. 83.4 lbs a heck of a bag. Can't deny the man can catch fish. But the most impressive thing of Championship Sunday was that support crew. Took em less than 15 min to replace a lower unit and get Tharp up and running. Those guys do a heck of a job.
  9. NobbyNobbs


    sheesh.. I feel bad for you all. My wife don't say a word. sometimes she just drops her chin and shakes her head.. but thats about it. Heck only reason I bought the new boat last year was she told me to... She even picked it out.
  10. NobbyNobbs


    He said he throws them all the time NOT JUST in cold temps
  11. I plan on being there.. if anyone wants to ride along I have a seat... and if they know the Indian even better 😁
  12. @Riverman1 If you have never been on the site check out https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@6&key={fb}EjvfvN. That will let you shade out certain depths the same as the card does and see what the navionics cards are.
  13. Well I use it on a Lowrance unit and I can highlight any levels I want.. So for example Boone is around 30' low.. So I set it to highlight down to 30' and can avoid anything highlighted'
  14. Never used Lakemaster.. however I love my Navionics. 99.00 a year and I can download any lakes in North America I want and update as often as I want.
  15. Starter kit comes the the cable and power connector. You have to have a terminator on each end which will require a extra terminator and T. If your in the tri-cities area hit me up and I'll help you set it up.
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