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  1. Finally got my new Live unit on the water yesterday. Still tweaking settings of course but the image quality is amazing. You can pick the branches on the laydowns on the bottom. Should be great for finding those brush piles in the middle and trees that are standing.. Image seems to stay clear even at 140' setting at 800hz .. will it help me catch more fish? LOL Probably not.. but still a nice new toy to play with
  2. Installing my HDS Live on the console today.. Moving the HDS 12 G3 to the bow until l get another Live unit with the active target system. Unfortunately I won't get to test it till next Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Became a mute point in the end.. I almost pulled the trigger on a Caymus CX20 equipped fully with Garmin. but the terms weren't to my liking so walked away.. Decided to just upgrade my Triton a bit. And after all was said and done with research I think I will stick with Motorguide.
  4. I ordered a Live unit with the active imaging transducer.. it is supposed to arrive today.. Curious of the difference in image quality vs the HDS gen 3 units I currently run. Plan on getting the active target system on the bow later but they are currently backordered till at least end of this month. Probably won't know until next week at the earliest how the unit preforms... dang work keeps getting in the way of fishing.
  5. I was watching some bassresource videos comparing TM's... they had underwater recordings of noise. Garmin Force was the quietest of the bunch... Surprisingly the Minn Kota was the loudest underwater.
  6. Anyone have any experience with the new Garmin trolling motors? I've heard it compared to the Ultrex but no absolutely nothing about them. I recently looked at a Caymus CX20 equipped with the Garmin system. thoughts?
  7. If it helps I purchased a Duracell AGM from Sams Club for my crankin battery.. Seems to hold up well to a full day of electronics running and still plenty of crankin power.. No problems in the colder temps with it. Its about 2 years old now. Comes with a year warranty I believe... 160.00 if I remember right...
  8. Seen at least one other running on Friday listed on FB.. can't remember who it was.
  9. I happen to be looking for a 4 blade 26p prop for a Merc 250 optimax.. prices on new ones are crazy ... anyone have one or know of where I might find a decent priced one?
  10. Was when the SoHo was finished, haven't heard anything different.
  11. Just says Jefferson Co.. So I'm figurin the man ramp at Jeff City... 7th thru 9th.. That should put 100+ boats on the water OH>>> NM >> thats in May.. my bad.. old eyes
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