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  1. NobbyNobbs


    sheesh.. I feel bad for you all. My wife don't say a word. sometimes she just drops her chin and shakes her head.. but thats about it. Heck only reason I bought the new boat last year was she told me to... She even picked it out.
  2. NobbyNobbs


    He said he throws them all the time NOT JUST in cold temps
  3. NobbyNobbs

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    I plan on being there.. if anyone wants to ride along I have a seat... and if they know the Indian even better 😁
  4. NobbyNobbs

    Mapping cards

    @Riverman1 If you have never been on the site check out https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@6&key={fb}EjvfvN. That will let you shade out certain depths the same as the card does and see what the navionics cards are.
  5. NobbyNobbs

    Mapping cards

    Well I use it on a Lowrance unit and I can highlight any levels I want.. So for example Boone is around 30' low.. So I set it to highlight down to 30' and can avoid anything highlighted'
  6. NobbyNobbs

    Mapping cards

    Never used Lakemaster.. however I love my Navionics. 99.00 a year and I can download any lakes in North America I want and update as often as I want.
  7. NobbyNobbs

    Linking units?

    Starter kit comes the the cable and power connector. You have to have a terminator on each end which will require a extra terminator and T. If your in the tri-cities area hit me up and I'll help you set it up.
  8. NobbyNobbs

    Winter project

    Yes... I know BPS sells them.. Pretty sure Watsons as well as most Marine dealers carry them.
  9. NobbyNobbs

    Stator replacement??

    Personally I would go back to the shop and explain they didn't fix the problem completely. They should know it required a little more research so they don't make the repair without checking everything thoroughly for the next person. They may not fix the problem for free but perhaps they will do it for just the cost of the part. On another note if you are mechanically familiar with the motor and don't want to deal with what could be a wait considering the time of year and everyone is going to start thinking of getting boats ready for the season just buy the part and replace it. But I would still at least call and mention it to them.
  10. NobbyNobbs

    Lowrance Elite 12 ti

    Remember watching a video on wired2fish once that suggested putting the bigger unit on the bow and the smaller one at the console.. Said you spend more time looking at the one on the bow so it makes sense to have the bigger screen there. Now that being said don't misunderstand.. I have my 12 at the console along with a 9 and a 9 on the bow. Would like to move to a 12 on the bow but going to wait and see what this new tech is coming out in the fall from Lowrance. Suppose to be better than the Humingbird 360.
  11. NobbyNobbs

    2018 TNBF Trail Schedule

    Looks like I can should be able to make 5 of them this year... More if I can get some time off..
  12. NobbyNobbs

    Fishing Jersey

    Noooooo... I wear enough Wal-Mart stuff all week.. No Wal-Mart colors please I got a boat that is Brownhole scarlet colored.. course wife picked it and let me buy the new boat sooooo I can't complain there.. Course don't mean I need anything else that is that color..
  13. NobbyNobbs

    Ned Rig

    my PB smallie came on this rig this year....
  14. NobbyNobbs

    FYI on new fuel

    Just waiting till they outlaw pure gas from being sold.. After I work through my current tank its all that I plan on putting in my boat. Even if it is .40 more per gal.
  15. NobbyNobbs

    New “boat”. LOL

    I been tossing around one.. Cant commit though.. But look forward to seeing you fishing the tx this year in it.. Congrats on the new floater...