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  1. Fishing Jersey

    Noooooo... I wear enough Wal-Mart stuff all week.. No Wal-Mart colors please I got a boat that is Brownhole scarlet colored.. course wife picked it and let me buy the new boat sooooo I can't complain there.. Course don't mean I need anything else that is that color..
  2. Ned Rig

    my PB smallie came on this rig this year....
  3. FYI on new fuel

    Just waiting till they outlaw pure gas from being sold.. After I work through my current tank its all that I plan on putting in my boat. Even if it is .40 more per gal.
  4. New “boat”. LOL

    I been tossing around one.. Cant commit though.. But look forward to seeing you fishing the tx this year in it.. Congrats on the new floater...
  5. on-board charging

    Okay guys.. just curious.. so want opinions..... I pretty much always leave my charger unplugged unless I am planning on going fishing the next day. When I was living in a colder environment I would take the batteries out for the winter since it is hard to put in hard water. Last winter I left the batteries in the boat and only charged when I was going out. This year I of course have the newer Triton. So far I have adhered to the only charge when I am getting ready to go out. Question is do you find it better to leave the batteries plugged in all the time or continue as I am with only charging when I plan on using. My boat stays outside year round with a cover over it. Even after I install the carport over the area next year it will still be subject to the colder weather.
  6. Jon boats

    Tracker just released the 40th annv.. heritage boat for under 10K Looks like a good deal for someone wanting a boat on a fixed or low budget.. http://www.heritageboat.com/
  7. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Very sharp ride... enjoy... Always been a fan of Skeeter boats..
  8. I have seen the face of God.

    ohhhhhhh... I see a trip trip BPS in my days activities....
  9. Jika? Rig

    It appears to work like a swing head jig but keeps the bait off the bottom a bit more. I have a couple I got from MTB awhile back. A bit less prone to catching on things
  10. Stratos Boats (A Sad Day)

    Be curious to hear how the stability is on that vibe Karma. Some of these newer fishing yaks you can stand with all your weight on the gunwale and not dump em.
  11. Battery

    Don't deka make the Duracell batteries? I a pair of them I ran on the old boat for over a year without an issue. But seriously if I was to buy now...probably optima blue tops all the way....
  12. Fluorescent Line/Braid

    RP knot myself.
  13. TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

    I wish but unfortunately I have to work....
  14. Blacklights

    Are they lighter plug or phone jack style? And 150 for pair, right?
  15. Wireless Trolling Motors

    The Xi5 i had on the old boat worked great. It was very responsive and turned qiickly. They have come along ways since the previois generation of wireless motors.