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  1. Jbrown

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    No I mis understood the prop part but yes I will let you know how it does tomorrow he said all we need to adjust height is a couple 3/4 wrenches going to try raising it at the lake
  2. Jbrown

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    I am I called my mechanic I guess I am just going to pay him to go the lake with me and he going to set it up and work with it he said it was definitely to low and that I needed I 26 pitch prop he also said it could be my carbs are dirty and sticking so I will let y’all know
  3. Jbrown

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Just got home and looked inside the prop is a 14 1/2 x 24 I won’t get to play with it till tomorrow got to mow wife is gripping says we gona get snakes lol
  4. Jbrown

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Thanks my rpms trimmed all the way up is at 5200 my water pressure is at 60 pound and my engine purrs like kitten which I know the hulls are completely different but I’m comeing out of a Norris craft and it would get up and run but I had the jack up and spacers to put me out to about ten inches it would run low 70 high 60 it hard not think I could get the same out of this Stratos I’m going to go play with it in a bit my buddy got a 25 pitch 4 blade renagade we going to try and see if that helps and I’m jacking it up I can’t even let the motor all the way it hits the ground so may some of this will help if not I will have a 295 pro elite for sale
  5. Jbrown

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Ok here is my question what should this boat run it’s got a 200 Johnson venom on its day all I’m getting is around 50 mph it’s got a 6 inch jack plate and. Raker prop I can’t tell what pitch it is but it has these numbers and letters on it 2206 s 1207s
  6. Jbrown


    Walleye and sauger should’ve in the shoals right now I’ve caught the on bright colored any things Grubs jerkbaits flies especially up Miller shoals
  7. Jbrown


    Thanks for the ton of info and boat position maybe the problem too that helps a lot and I may be use if to stiff of rods too I been using a st croix med hev 7.2 so maybe I will try one of my enigma in med I really do appreciate it I am going to try it latter on this week if work will let up a lil
  8. Jbrown


    I know everyone is going to criticize this but here it is anyway everyone thinks crankbaits is a dummy bait you just throw it and real it and catch fish but I can not seem to catch fish on cranks I have threw them till my arm throbes and not caught fish there has to be some thing I’m missing I have thrown deep and middle and shallow stilll no takers do you burn it or slow roll like for instance if fishing spring with a spinner bait I just kinda move it I don’t wake it I just kinda keep it down I do ok but the cranks I just can’t even get bit on so maybe one of you fellows could help me out here
  9. Jbrown

    River/lake fishing

    What about the ranger aluminum boats
  10. Jbrown

    Football jigs

    Looking good great job I like the black and blue can’t go wrong
  11. Jbrown

    Cold muddy water

    So after this weekend I don’t know what I am doing obviously I am going to have rethink my strategy I Tried paralleling the banks with cranks and spinner baits but with only two bites I had to be doing something wrong 5 hours and two bites ain’t good but everything in me said the mud would push them up and to the bank but obviously I was wrong what ideas do y’all have for these situations I just can’t wrap my head around what to do in that muddy of water
  12. Jbrown

    Damiki Technique

    I wasn’t sure thanks for the info
  13. Jbrown

    Damiki Technique

    Not sure but I thought black white and blue did to but I could be wrong
  14. Jbrown

    Enigma rods

    Anyone ever use them I bought one last night just because I’m gonna fish Morristown tx and they gonna add to the pot if you and your partner both have one and their giving ten thousand away at the classic for the highest finishing enigma rod fisherman hope it is good
  15. Jbrown

    Float and fly

    Thanks guys this is a ton of good info I truely do appreciate it when I go if I can figure out how I will post some pictures of what ever I catch nknowing my luck I will have at least one drum I can’t get away from them stupid things no matter what I do