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  1. BT's secret hiding place

    How many you reckon you got there all together
  2. Fall

    I love early fall! Get to move up shallow and burn baits thru the water.... get that big reaction bite! What is y'all favorite technique for fall? Mine would have to be cranks and spinner baits. What do y'all think?
  3. Soft baits

    +1 on the worms and on the craw I've caught more on a jig with your craw then before seems like creature bait is were it is at this year lizards and crawls I even throw a spinner with a craw at night instead of double tail grub
  4. Rub Rail Leds

    Thanks there ol bud I appreciate it
  5. Custom a rigs for night time

    Ok so I might have it all wrong I was always told that a black blades cast a better silhouette at night but the other colored blades work to and even silver and gold to wow thanks guys
  6. Custom a rigs for night time

    Thanks I just thought that if they would hit a spinet bait at night they would realyhit a rig with Colorado blades figured it would be more vibration but I have been wrong before lol
  7. Who makes one it would need Colorado blades blacked out with black swim baits
  8. RedFin

    You got that right them eyes sure do taste good and you can catch on a spook to you lust go slow and steady with the dog
  9. RedFin

    I always used a floating rogue for the technique you are talking about clown color to be exact we would in deed just move them fast enough to make them wiggle but we were mainly walleye fishing but caught some really nice smallies that way to and the occasion rock fish but I would use the 5 in one and at night it was blue and silver hope this helps
  10. I like it the way it is the little bit of difference may make them smack it
  11. Drop shot

    Thanks fellas I'm not have ing luck either have seen ppl catch nice fish behind me on this rig and just trying to figure it out
  12. Drop shot

    What size sinker do you use for your drop shot rigs and why I use a quarter oz ninty percent of the time but some times I step down to a eighth in shallow water but I'm just curious if I'm going to light
  13. Welcome Jbrown

    Hey guys thanks just wanted to say this forum can be very helpful and thanks for the welcome
  14. Pork rinds

    so how do i order some from you and what colors you recommend I fish a lot of green and brown colored jigs
  15. If you could pick one bait

    All sounds good was just curios soft bait you probably right you can fish pig and all day and never lose the pig lol and den kid and shakey is always a good choice to can catch just about all year on these baits to