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  1. Jbrown

    Producto worms

    Does any one know where you can find these around here there a 8 inch with big flat tail on them had some and can’t find no more of them
  2. Anyone ever use the red one to the flys it looks good I think I’m gona try it think it would make good jigs if the hair long enough
  3. Thanks fellas I think I’ll go to bps and see what all they got I’m more of ghost color kinda jerkbait guy but I think they will have some around that color I’ll get two to start Incase I lose one lol
  4. Which is your personal favorite I fish lucky crafts but ain’t trued the mega bass wanting opinions befor going buying a few
  5. Thanks I was playing around sat and marked a large school suspended under bait .caught three very quickly had heard that they would shut off if I threw one back so I put them in the box .after the third I lost one and they shut down.could not get them to bite again even left and came back a hour later.threw everything including the kitchen sink at them .they were not biteing I was just curious if there was a trick I didn’t know.
  6. I have found a crank bait to work decent but have marked schools and never got a bite or you 3-4 and then nothing and you still looking at the school on your graph how do you get them fired back up
  7. Jbrown


    Ya I have really got into cranking this year no where near mastered but getting where I’m catching a few been throwing big dredgers and dd22 and spro in a silent seem like they all have their place and time but caught some nice fish this year thanks for all the information and advice and a 7/11 cranking rod helps for the big lures don’t wear you out nearly as bad
  8. Jbrown

    River fishing

    I fish shoals any where there is a current break in the current a big rock a bucket anything rock ledge and i fish tubes and peanut jigs flukes and all famous square bills
  9. I use 11 on any over 9 inches
  10. I use the gulp Alive alot their awesome in clear water I haven’t tried the max scent but will try them soon and will let you know I love the black shad color
  11. I just bought a pro qualifyer 7 10 heavy extra fast hopping it’s betrr than the mh 7 I have been useing it will wear you out throwing the 25.5 and 30+ all day and what reel speed do y’all recommend
  12. I have garmins and really like them they have the striker series at bass pro for around 7 for a 9 inch and around 5 for a seven inch I have the echo map series there a lil bit more expensive
  13. Jbrown

    Ned rig

    You coming to Grainger co park
  14. Fishing at night best in summer hang green light take plenty of miners and have lots of fun you can also luck up and catch walleye this way on Douglas
  15. Livening ruber on jigs hair for small fly
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