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  1. TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    madvolsfan and partner
  2. Tenn vs So Miss (HC)

    Might not be able to give them away right now.
  3. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Is it that tough on Cherokee? Where's everybody at?
  4. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    madvolsfan and guest
  5. TNBF event #5 South Holston

    madvolsfan and partner
  6. TNBF #2 Official Results

    Nice catch guys. Seemed like it was tougher than it should have been.
  7. TNBF Event #3 Douglas

    madvolsfan and partner
  8. TNBF Event #2 Cherokee

    madvolsfan and partner Also, what time do you usually meet up at the ramp before launching? This will be my first TNBF Tournament.
  9. Introduction

    I live in Kingsport and have been fishing for about 20 years. I fish the lakes around East Tennessee with Douglas and Cherokee being the majority. I usually take 1-2 "Trips" per year to Guntersville or some other high profile lake. I have been fishing Local Tournaments and Clubs for about 10 years now with Eastman and Rodeos the most frequent. I own a Triton TR-186 and can't wait for Spring to get here.