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  1. 82nd4Life

    Lowrance Elite 12 ti

    I have HDS units and I love lowrance. Their side and down scan to me is middle of the road. Their sonar is IMO clearer than humminbird. I do like humminbirds down and side scan for its clarity but I rely mostly on my sonar. On bigger screen at console vs the bow. I have both my units on Ram mounts and if I'm offshore fishing, one big wing nut, and three quick connect cords and now the big unit is on the bow, but if I'm pitching and flipping I leave the big unit at the back for better navigation.
  2. 82nd4Life

    1998 Johnson Venom

    The Looper Johnnyrudes have a two stage stator. When the motor is cold it runs off the low side and once it warms up it runs off the high side. If the low side get weak they will run sloppy when cold, but once you get under way it will pull off the high side. The optical eye ignition like one the Venoms, Fast strikes, Intruders and Vindicators can be tricky. The low side of the stator burns up from not allowing the motor to warm up and switch over to the high side. Even on a hot start it starts on the low side then after a short moment you'll hear the idle change. I'll take a Looper over a merc any day, but the electric can be a night mare. Just something to check that can give the same results.
  3. Now that I've had the chance to have a lowrance rep show me what I'm looking for and looking at, I now rely heavily on mine. Back in the early spring when vertical jigging was the only way to get a bit on Cherokee, I never took my eyes off mine. Prespawn on Douglas when the big females were put their feed bags on. I idled around until I found feeding on shad, not just shad schools but active feeding. Sometimes those cruisers will just hang with the shad, you can cast at them all morning and they'll never hit. So yes I use mine a lot, even flipping docks, with side scan I already know what's under there.
  4. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    2001 18' BasStream (small company, made in GA) 93 150 Faststrike slidemaster Jack plate, 24p Raker prop.
  5. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Yeah you have to really drive it with this prop.
  6. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Just got back in. Caught 7, 5 keepers, from 6 to 9. The boat ran awesome. Now I see why everyone had told me I need one of the old Rakers. Had the girls with me so I didn't get crazy. Hit 68 and it was still building. It started chine walking so I let out of it. That's full tackle load, full tank of gas and two and half people. So I'm guessing mid to low 70s top speed.
  7. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Lmao!!!!!!! "Shoot,Move, and Communicate" without Comms it's just Shoot, move.........and Shoot more. Lol
  8. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    I never wore a PC. We wore boonies. Well I did in basic and AIT
  9. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Legs have called me that before. Lmao. Your just jealous of my red hat. Lol
  10. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Whj I bought a Raker yesterday and got it on. The boat is plugged into the wall now and I'm taking the kids after work. I had different experience with east tn propeller. The first time I had him order me a thrust washer he told me it would be there Monday. So I left work and went to get it and he never even ordered it. The last time I dealed with him I called about a prop, he said he had it and priced it to me. So I left work and went down there it was a reconditioned prop that was priced like a new one and I'd had to buy a hub kit which he didn't mention on the phone. So from now on I'll just use the shop I used in North Carolina. And it may be me, I maybe the A hole, I've been told that before.
  11. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Hey when I took that prop off, the rubber hub had melted and oozed out around the thrust washer, and the prop had blued where it got so hot from slipping. Maybe 2 miles was to far to limp a slipped hub. Lol.
  12. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    At least he wasn't drunk, which him way safer than everyone we encountered before dark. Lol
  13. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    I know what you mean. I run 34 to 40 after dark because slower than that it porpoises. But I hammered on it to see if it would still blow out and funny 61 is when the hub started slipping. I appreciate you running down to get the fish. 56-57-58-59-60-61-----6500 on the tac lmao. At least she did sling a rod because I over reved the heck out of it.
  14. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    Jamie I'm down for any lake I can't see the fish on the bottom. Lol. Steve fishing with me is an adventure.
  15. 82nd4Life

    Ready to go again

    After almost missing the weight in Saturday night, and having to have a fellow competitor come get Jamie and our fish, because my boat spun the prop hub. My jack plate had been set to high. I was blowing out before I got trimmed out. So Saturday morning I lowered the jack plate an 1" 1/2. On blast off I couldn't open it up because we'll if you were there, you know. So with 45 minutes to go we were going to hit one more spot. I usually don't run hard after dark but I just had to know if it made a difference.......so I planked it! Bow was lifted high, boat was up high on pad, and the numbers on the GPS were climbing, but it was short lived. The Johnson now that it was hooked up it spun the guts out of the turbo prop. After much search I found an original Raker. I went and picked it up this evening. So now let's find the next weakest link.