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  1. surfandstreamfisher

    Braided line on spinning reels

    I use #6 fireline w/ 10' of #6 stren clear mono on my med.lt. set-up. On my med.set-up I use #10 Power pro w/ 10' of #10-14 stren clear mono. On my med.hvy. set up I use #30 power pro no leader. I generally only use that rod for frogging lilly pads.
  2. surfandstreamfisher

    Braided line on spinning reels

    I fish spinning tackle 100% of the time. I switched over to braid in the late 90's. Wondering if any of y'all use braid on your spinning set ups? If so what line are you using?
  3. surfandstreamfisher

    opinions on hummingbird helix 5

    Thank-you all for the input!
  4. surfandstreamfisher

    opinions on hummingbird helix 5

    Thanks tracker & steve, those are some encouraging endorsements! I've owned 2 hummingbird units and have been pleased.
  5. It's to replace my hummingbird piranha 220. I'm looking at helix 5 sonar DI. My boat is a 14' aluminum starcraft w/ tiller steering. Whats your opinion on this unit? Any other recommendations are welcome..........thank-you
  6. surfandstreamfisher

    Best spinning reel

    IMO its tough to beat Daiwa SS Tournament reel. Great drags, good gears , good line lay. I've had Quantum Energy's, Shimano Sustains & Stadics and have gone back to the SS Tournaments. For about $100 they're hard to beat
  7. surfandstreamfisher

    Pork rinds

    Don't know if they make "chunk" style baits but FatCow & Ottertails have replaced Uncle Josh as bucktail trailers with their strip style baits.
  8. surfandstreamfisher

    Drop shot

    Yup, same here.
  9. surfandstreamfisher

    Welcome surfandstreamfisher

    Mainly within 1-1 1/2 mile out of Lillydale. Been fishing around Nole Island quite a bit Thank-you Steve & Tracker. I appreciate the warm welcomes!
  10. surfandstreamfisher

    Welcome surfandstreamfisher

    Thank-you mountainman, i''l be after them tomorrow AM
  11. surfandstreamfisher

    Welcome surfandstreamfisher

    Thank-you for the welcome! A little about me, we moved to Jackson county from NY 5 years ago (ye.s one of them dang Yankees...lol). Fished Cordell Hull for the first 3 years we lived here and did ok with the LMB. Last year we started fishing Dale Hollow, man I love that that lake but i'm having a hard time putting any patterns together! But that makes me wanna fish it even more. Prior to moving to TN. we did we did a lot of saltwater fishing on Long Island, with surf fishing our main passion. We did a fair amount of freshwater fishing in upstate NY, which believe it or not offers some good opportunities for both bass and trout. I have just started dabbling in the Caney Fork River for trout and have done fairly well on my last 3-4 trips. Tight lines!!