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  1. scuppernog55

    15 HP Johnson for sale

    Price cut to 650.00 , hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Holidays..
  2. scuppernog55

    15 HP Johnson for sale

    Yea, I have some second thoughts myself, my son and I always took it on our annual trip to the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota to chase some really nice smallmouth, but sleeping on the ground and cooking over a fire seemed more fun that it does now. We would drive up and take this and a trolling motor and just rent a boat, which made it cheaper and did not have to tow.
  3. scuppernog55

    15 HP Johnson for sale

    I have owned this motor for years and have been meticilous with the fuel mix, and kept it tuned and maintainanced. I simply don't use if anymore after getting old and buying a bigger boat. 700.00 would buy it, thanks 276-sevenfivenine-6646