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  1. Livewell

    The water comes in from the top of the tank. I was looking on there website and it looks like I'd need the v4 for it to work
  2. Livewell

    It doesn't have any. All it will do is constantly pump in fresh water. It doesn't have anyway to circulate the water.
  3. Livewell

    Ok guys need some information on my livewell. I didn't fish any tournaments because of my livewells. I have a javelin and the livewells will only pump in water. It doesn't have any aerators. How can I fix this?
  4. 2001 javelin

    2001 javelin 17 ventom super nice for it's age. Has a 2002 90 horse jonhson. New lawrance hook 5. New bluewater LED lights on the inside and out. Pm me and I'll text pictures if interested.($6000.00)
  5. I have two St.croix premier 7 ft. Med casting rods. Both rods are older but in good condition. $75.00 each. Can text pictures.
  6. Battery

    Went out Sunday morning to Douglas after unloading the boat the motor wouldn't do anything. After alot of cussing I realized my battery was shot. Now I need a new one and was wondering what brand to go with. Was thinking about interstate
  7. Bluewater LED blacklights on my ride

    I'm gonna mount mine under the rub rail as well. I found out they have a lifetime warranty on them. How long have you had them?
  8. After doing a lot of research on LED lights I just ordered the high output uv blacklights and a set of the blue deck lights from bluewater. I've got the blacklights on now for the deck lights.
  9. Black lights

    How do you install the Jack's for the moon lights? I found a set of blue water led strips dirt cheap and was thinking about trying them out. Anyone tried them?
  10. Black lights

    I know you get what you pay for. I bought my boat just to see how much I get to use it before I drop the money on a new one. With that said I'm gonna try buying a new boat within the next five years. I just don't wanna put a lot of money into it knowing I just gonna trade it in or sell it.
  11. Black lights

    Ok I have a stupid question. I'm in need of a couple blacklights and was wondering what's the best, but cheapest lights. Doesn't have to be anything fancy just something that works.
  12. Have a tough time

    The two lakes I will be on the most will be Douglas and Cherokee. I'll take a trip to the fort if I'm not gonna fish long. I'm buying a Lawrence unit to see if that will help any. All my tackle is smaller stuff like 4 inch worms, tube, jigs and shallow running crank baits. I went to Douglas last week and fished a jig,tube worm and I didn't get a single bit. I'm a slowww fishing guy.
  13. Have a tough time

    First off I have fished East TN my whole life. 12 years ago my fishing partner died of cancer three weeks after finding out. When he passed I stopped fishing for about 8 years or so. I decided I wanted to start back one day and decided I would buy me a little river boat and I started fishing the Chucky and over the years have figured out how to catch them. Well my family has grown over the years and now have 4 kids that all wanna go fishing,so I ended up buy a bigger boat. Now after being off the lakes for so long and only fishing the river man I'm having one heck of a time trying to figure things out.
  14. My first Bass boat

    Thanks guys now if I can figure out how to catch fish out of the lake. It's alot different than the river
  15. My first Bass boat

    Well it's new to me ?