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  1. Riverman1


    Got my boat back today after 3 weeks waiting on a new lower unit. Since the boat was in for repair I had them install a spotlight on my trolling motor and picked up a set of moonlite full moons. All I can say is wow. Those are the brights little lights I have ever seen. Not used them on the water yet ,but so far I'm impressed.
  2. Update! Somehow the plug on the lower unit vibrated out, so all the gear oil came out and locked up the lower unit. Hoping to have it back next weekend.
  3. The boat and motor is less than a month old. If I couldn't use it for four months and making the payment on it I'll probably be in jail.
  4. Well my new mercury optimax with only 4 hours on it left me stranded today on Douglas. The lower unit when out or I slung a prop.
  5. Last two days have been spent on Cherokee breaking in The motor. After the break in I'm getting 61 mph and let me tell you that is way to fast for this guy. It rides like a glass boat and fishes like a glass boat. So far I'm more that happy
  6. Thank you for post them for me.
  7. I can't post pictures on here for some reason.
  8. It's ok everyone likes different things that's what makes us human. If I could have afforded a glass boat I would be in a new Phoenix,but I'm a poor working man. Going from glass to tin is gonna take some getting used to but I think I'll be happy with the ranger.
  9. Well I pick up my new ranger Saturday morning. I'm going to miss my old javlin ,but it was time for a new ride. Hope I like the tin as much as I did the glass.
  10. I do know who he his,but didn't know he had a boat for sale. His is a smaller boat but thanks for the info. By the way I think you work with my brother in law Adam Hylton.
  11. I'm not looking for a glass boat just looking at tin boats.
  12. I've been looking for a new boat and thinking of buying a Ranger rt198p. Anyone have any info on them likes or dislikes.
  13. Looking for a 2016 or newer southeast lakemaster plus card.
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