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  1. Looking for a 2016 or newer southeast lakemaster plus card.
  2. Riverman1

    River fishing

    This time of year the faster the water is moving the better it is. Look at the edes just off the sholes.
  3. Riverman1

    1996 Johnson Venom 200 Oiler

    I have a 2002 90 hp Johnson that the oil tank has been taken off of. The reason people take them off is you don't have to worry if it's getting oil or not. You know if you mix it in the gas it's gonna get oil. If it still has the oil tank on it the only way to find out it's not getting any oil is a blown motor. My motor may blow up tomorrow,but it runs like a top mixing the oil in with the gas
  4. Riverman1

    Lowrance Hds Head unit

    May wanna look on bass boat central website.
  5. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    There are a couple different models of the d series. Do you remember witch one you had?
  6. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    That's exactly what I'm wanting. If I can figure out a way to mount it that's probably what I'll get.
  7. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    This is the one I was looking at it comes with the plate that goes under the trolling motor and the ram mount. Wonder if u can mount a rigid on a ram mount?https://flic.kr/p/272GU5C
  8. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    I was doing some searching and found southern lite led. They have a bass boat light that is 10,000 lumes. I have looked at the rigid and can't find what lumes they are. Are you guys mounting them on a ram mount?
  9. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    I sent you a pm with my phone number. We had a heck of a time coming back to the ramp last night(Think God for gps) plus they was pushing water and it was a mine field just above the bridge
  10. Riverman1

    Spot lights for night fishing

    Any suggestions on what spot light to use for running at night.
  11. Riverman1

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Riverman1 and guest
  12. Riverman1


    Now that's funny
  13. Riverman1


    I'm starting to think I have a problem and the wife doesn't need to know about it.
  14. Riverman1


    Ok I pushed the buy now button
  15. Riverman1


    Anyone use the 110+1 megabass? I was thinking about ordering a couple,but they sure are proud of them. Any information on them.