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  1. SmallieChaser

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    I guess my theory behind it is getting hung up to be honest. I assume I could possibly go with a larger weight to compensate for the slower drop of running straight braid. My main issue is I fish during the day and at night both. I don't really want to invest in extra spools but I guess I probably should.
  2. SmallieChaser

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    FG knot is amazing but I confuse myself when I tie it lol. I will have to practice more
  3. SmallieChaser

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Let me ask this. My knots always seem to get caught in my micro eyes. I use a double uni knot. What knot do you all use ?
  4. SmallieChaser

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Where to buy this neon braid Steve?
  5. SmallieChaser

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Give me some suggestions fellas. Currently use spiderwire glo-vis. Doesn't really glow that well but I like it. I use to use stren fluorocarbon which I really liked but they did continued it. Went to to bass pro the other day and they only had 2 different versions that glowed and it was monofilament. Other than that the guy said they didn't carry anything. Either way, I'm getting irritated buying stuff online not knowing clearly whether it will or will not glow. So let me know what y'all use. Thanks
  6. SmallieChaser

    Dam spilling affect fishing?

    Great info thanks!
  7. From what I understand from now until 15 days out Norris dam will be spilling the flood gates. Since this doesn't happen to often I want some advice on how it affects fishing on the lake side more so rather than the river. Thanks.
  8. SmallieChaser

    Welcome SmallieChaser

    Had an account before wouldn't let me sign in through Facebook. Great to be back