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  1. ALX rod #2 - Toobie strikes again

    Thanks. Glad you like the ALX Rods. I really like the customer service from a small family owned business. Rex does have a good sampling and can order any rod from the offerings. If anyone here would like to see a few rods, let me know. I've got a few and glad to let folks look them over. 31-old friend- I hope we get to fish together and catch a few soon.
  2. Fall

    Rattle traps or a reasonable facsimile of such.
  3. ALX rods

    Ain't likely. Rex probably in coma @2300. LOL
  4. ALX rods

    Thanks Brian! I do need to get out more!! Some of you may know that my wife and I own a manufacturers sales rep agency. Mostly archery. We rep G5, Prime, Quest, and Spot Hogg. Do a few knife lines too. We usually shy away from working with fishing lines. Because we like to fish and there's a bit of conflict. But this line of rods is the exception. We only work with people that market top quality products. ALX Rods are as good quality as any out there. ALXrods.com or stop by Watsons and take a look.
  5. ALX Rods @ Watson's

    Some of you have expressed an interest in the ALX Rods. They are available @ Watson's now. The rods have medium size micro guides. Casting is still great and this size guide allows for leaders to pass through very well. As with all guides the knots must be well tied and ends trimmed up good. Take a look alxrods.com
  6. Watson's Marine

    I want to share my recent experience at Watson's..Wonderful is a good adjective but it comes up short as I was treated more than wonderful. Rex Aaron, Brandi, Chopper and all the folks that work there treat customers the way customers should be treated. They're are lots of good boats but not many good honest dealers around. I can reccomend Watson's Marine without reservation. In fairness I've known these folks a long time. But this was my first major purchase and I couldn't be happier with both boat and process of buying.
  7. Gonna play around with it today. Like to keep my stuff in good working condition. If needed in will get new moon lite connectors. Dont fish at night much but I really like these lights
  8. I didn't check voltage. Did use a a prong into wire and it lit up
  9. I recently bought a 2013 Skeeter FX21. It has jacks for the black lights but they appear to be old Stan Sloan jacks. Don't really know. I have Moon Lite full moon and half moon. Love these lights. I have power to jacks but my lights won't come on. Took them out and used a wire brush in case it was corrosion. Didn't help. Do I need to purchase new jacks from moon lite? Need some input please.
  10. ALX rods

    I'm glad you like the Crank! i'm on the road a lot and was just thinking I should check to see if it arrived yet. Hope you catch many many fish with it. Thank you.
  11. ALX Rods

    Hey Colonel! Call me sometime 606-434-9146. i'm in White Pine TN now. Still a manufacturers sales rep. Some fishing. Mostly hunting. G5 if you're into archery is best line I have. I think some leppers from yesteryear were asking about you a few days ago. Fall fishing, maybe?
  12. ALX Rods

    Thanks! Appreciate it.
  13. ALX Rods

    I've heard a lot of good things about this brand of fishing rod. Wondering if any of the folks here have any info on ALX Rods? Small company in NC that's doing quite well or so I hear. Had this in wrong place, I think. Probaly should be in this forum.
  14. ALX Rods

    Top quality finished rods. www.alxrods.com There popular amongst the BBC crowd!
  15. ALX Rods

    I've heard a lot of good things about this brand of fishing rod. Wondering if any of the folks here have any info on ALX Rods? Small company in NC that's doing quite well or so I hear.