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  1. Tubejig

    New boat

    Nice rig. Been thinking of getting one for the river.
  2. Tubejig

    Merc 4 stroke

    The looks might take a tad more time than most, for me!! Hope it takes less time to get the kinks worked out. Been there--done that. Bought a new Ficht. Hard lesson learnt about buying the latest-greatest. Uglier than homemade sin LOL
  3. Tubejig

    Pegged weights?

    Try a bobber stopper above the weight. Slide it down against the weight. Cheap, easy and works.
  4. Tubejig


    My brother has PolarKfraft. No issues and he's had it and used it a lot over the past several years. I'm kicking around the idea of a flat bottom for the river. I'd also prefer welded over rivets. But I would not hesitate to have PolarKraft as they seem to be high quality.
  5. Tubejig

    Used ranger

    I'd go new. Warranty is/could gonna save money and peace of mind. I've had several boats. Spent a bunch of money on them too. have had 2 Rangers. Great boats. I've heard good things about Triton, too. New and get extended warranty on engine and good to go for several years. My 2 cents
  6. Tubejig

    Jig pouring

    I like to fish jigs too. Thought the video was very informative. I don't have time to do this but maybe someday I will try it.
  7. Tubejig

    Ned Rig

    Nice informative vid. Seen it before and will likely view it again. I really like it if he talk a bit southern LOL
  8. Tubejig

    Tracker Heritage

    Seems like a nice boat for the price. There's probably a lot of people who can pony up $1,000 for down payment and manage small payments that would be happy with this boat. I can remember when I'd be lucky to scrape that together. Family guy with mouths to feed and trying to keep a roof over their head might see this boat as a way to take his children fishing. New boat with warranty at this price....... BPS/Cabela's will make their margins on the boat. Never met a successful business owner whose business model didn't include good margins. A loss leader isn't going to retail at 10K.
  9. Tubejig

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Nice bug boat! I have 2013 FX21 and love it. 250 SHO and I do not miss buying 2 stroke oil!!
  10. Tubejig

    2017 Classic Results

    Congrats to winners and to all of you that fished in that weather
  11. Tubejig

    Black Friday results

    Congrats! Like to meet you guys sometime, maybe next year.
  12. Tubejig

    Black Friday Tourney

    Partner had a death in family. Won't fish this one
  13. Tubejig

    Black Friday Tourney

    I'd like to fish Black Friday. Besides showing up, what do I need to know?
  14. Tubejig

    ALX rod #2 - Toobie strikes again

    Thanks. Glad you like the ALX Rods. I really like the customer service from a small family owned business. Rex does have a good sampling and can order any rod from the offerings. If anyone here would like to see a few rods, let me know. I've got a few and glad to let folks look them over. 31-old friend- I hope we get to fish together and catch a few soon.
  15. Tubejig


    Rattle traps or a reasonable facsimile of such.