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  1. The unstable water and late "blooming winters" combined with a lot of pollen, allergies are killing me, result in a different spring. Turnover occurs in the fall and not necessarily every year . The spawn might be a bit later than normal due to cooler water temps but the bite has been good on Douglas. Noisy baits have been good, probably because the water clarity has been stained at best and muddy at worse. OP asked for suggestions, I suggest go fishing whenever possible as time on the water will give you more success than anything.
  2. I've had 2 ultrex's so far. I think it's the best thing I've ever purchased. Spot lock is expensive but I think it's worth the money. Makes dealing with wind a breeze [pun intended] and staying on target for vertical fishing is so much easier. Would not want to fish without it but I do fish a lot.
  3. I haven't used it either. I don't care for fluorocarbon. But I just threw that out there FWIW. I still use mono at night, works for me. But I have had a good experience with copolymer . But I haven't found any that glows under a blacklight.
  4. Have heard some folks praising Stren florescent fluorocarbon .
  5. Well we got blown out of the Chick on Monday. But we did get to fish all day Tuesday on Cherokee. We managed to catch several among the 3 of us.  Dragging a carolina rig lizard or craw.  Seem to be trying to spawn and we got them shallow.


    Been busy trying to get caught up but wanted to touch base and thank you for the info you shared with me.

    Do you know Fishman, Bob, who lives up your way?    If so tell him hello for me.

  6. The Ranger that you have is a really fine boat. Congrats
  7. Trying new stuff is important to me too. I'm a bit conservative when it comes to buying a lot of the new offerings but this one looks good. A different vibrating lure in our now muddy waters gets my attention.
  8. A bit of help, maybe. https://www.fix.com/blog/selecting-the-right-fishing-rod/ There is no set standard in the rod industry. One manufacturer's MH Fast Tip may be another manufacturer's HVY Fast Tip. Generally speaking the cheaper rods weigh more than the more expensive. Simply due to cost of material. There are other factors but nothing trumps costs. Weight figures in the fatigue issues. A lighter more sensitive rod is in demand. The blank is part of this equation. How the blank is fixed to handle, reel seat and guides are also something to consider. If the components are top quality and assembled by trained employees. These things need to be considered when you're looking to spend your money. Wife owns a sales agency and we've been around sporting goods manufacturers for many moons. And yes, age is a factor.
  9. Tubejig

    Lews SG1 rods

    Full disclosure---our rep agency works with Fitzgerald Fishing. Had to make a change for those of you who know us. That being said, I think Lew's puts out a good product. I use Lew's reels, as well as Fitzgerald reels. Hard to find a rod for $50 that performs well. Hope this one suits your needs and if it does you should buy it as that's a good price. While you're over to Watson's take a look at Fitzgerald Rods. See what you think of the Versa series, the gray rods. Retail is higher than the Lew's you're looking at but for $129 it's a very good rod. if you decide to purchase one of the Fitzgerald Rods, send me a message or text 606-434-9146 and I'll get a hat out to you. But if that Lew's rod works for you then that's the one I would buy. i'll be at the 3 day annual Watson's show with Fitzgerald, stop by and say hello and Merry Christmas.
  10. My schedule involves traveling. . But I do make it home weekends. Be glad to let you have as much time on the Ultrex as you'd like. I love it. We could always put Fishman in the boat so we'd at least get a biscuit LOL
  11. Ross, you are welcome to fish with me sometime and use my ultrex all day LOL Spotlock is wonderful. These things have lots of features but the spot-lock is the real deal. Let me know when we can get together. My schedule is kinda crazy but with couple days notice I can make it work.
  12. Good luck with the move.Done it a few times. Tougher than a 3 week payday! Hope it goes off without a glitch
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