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  1. Tubejig

    New Floater

    congrats, nice rig!
  2. Tubejig

    Rain gear recommendation??

    Carhart is supposed to have some nice ranger. Have no experience with their rainwear but it's worth looking at. Guide wear that I have has been worth every penny. Bought in bargain cave several years ago, product was going through running change and I lucked out. It would be difficult to have rainwear that will perform well in both winter and summer.
  3. Tubejig

    Co-poylomer line?

    Braid has it;s place, lot of folks like it. I enjoy reading about other guy's experiences with products. Fluorocarbon is very popular as well. Just wanted input from this site. Hope you like the Seaguar.
  4. Tubejig

    Co-poylomer line?

    I've been looking at C21, might give that try too!
  5. Tubejig

    Co-poylomer line?

    From http://www.tackletour.com/reviewsufixdna.html Copolymer is a product of copolymerization, which is a chemical reaction in which two or more molecules combine to form a larger molecule that contains repeating structural units, or in other words the combination of two or more monomers to create a copolymer. The outcome of this process results in a material that has many more benefits than a solo substance. The copolymer fishing line becomes more abrasion resistant, have a lower stretch factor, higher tensile strength, higher impact and greater shock resistance, and much more. Not sure, but the view independent tests I've found all claim less stretch than nylon. seems the best benefit is better abrasion resistance. The marketing guru's have tried to leave the impression that monofilament is only nylon, a ploy to gussy up the copolymar and fluorocarbon sales. Monofilament refers to protrusion and all 3 are monfiliment. We'll save that for a cold winter day LOL Not all fishing lines, either category, are created equal. Sometimes it's true---we get what we pay for! Kinda tit for tat. As for me, verdict is still out! And thanks for all the replies
  6. Tubejig

    Co-poylomer line?

    https://swiftflyfishing.com/blogs/news/15472069-cutting-through-the-bullshit-the-mono-vs-fluoro-debate is an interesting read. Note the "received wisdom" mentioned. I'm doing a bit of research for a marketing program. There seems to be a lot on the subject of fishing line written and very little independent testing. I am going to try some Izorline. Regardless of stretch pros or cons, I personally don't care for Fluorocarbon even though I will use the remaining Red Label I have now. Hopefully we all get our line stretched by a big bass! Did find this interesting: Sunline is the largest line only manufacturing company in the world---Japan 187 employees
  7. Tubejig

    Co-poylomer line?

    Any of you use copolymer line? Was thinking Izor, McCoys or P-line Flouroclear to give a try. Got a bit tired of stretch with fluorocarbon and nylon lines. I don't particularly care for braid. I've used nylon line for many many moons and I get along with it pretty well except for loads of memory and abrasion. The Fluorocarbon has serious memory problems, cheap to expensive, and it also has considerable stretch. I do like the light refraction and sensitivity benefits though. Been reading a lot about copolymers and it may be best of both worlds. Here's a link to Tackle Tour testing. http://www.tackletour.com/reviewfluorocarbontestpg6.html Kinda long and a few years old but seems pertinent to me. But the conclusion was: Conclusion: We know, we know, you want more. Like how about an actual winner? or How about an impact test? or How about the best knot to use with fluorocarbons? or How about memory? What was that again? oh yeah, memory... Our goal with this article was not a comprehensive test and winner take all comparison. Rather it was to build the foundation for a series of more intensive, individual on the water reviews where we hope to address the remaining issues for some, but perhaps not all, of the lines presented. In other words, consider this our fluorocarbon culling system. In these individual tests, we will look more closely at factors such as memory, handling, castability, and even that actual degree by which each line seems to be affected by water absorption - if at all. For now, realize that we were able to validate some myths (water absorption, abrasion resistance) debunk others (low stretch), and at least, call to question the claims of still more (poor knot strength) when compared against a popular and widely used monofilament like Berkley's Trilene XL. So stay tuned as we take some of these spools, order others, and line our reels enroute to restarting and renewing TackleTour's line review department. Until then, tight lines! Would like to get recommendations for copolymer if any of you use it.
  8. Tubejig

    Ned rig

    Water looked fine. Floater or 2 here and there. 6 p temp 85. Fish are almost cooked if you like to eat them LOL
  9. Tubejig

    Ned rig

    Fished a little T last night -3hrs-and only had 2 throwbacks. 25E bridge. Kinda tough for us anyway. The TRD that I used the brush on worked. Stayed stuck and straight and fishless LOL Didn't try the lighter. But I'm gonna pick up a bottle of the gel and try that as well.
  10. Tubejig

    Ned rig

    Might get a bottle of that Russ. Fishing the Big Injun tonight. Little 3 hr deal
  11. Tubejig

    Ned rig

    The super glue works but I make a mess! Sticky fingers LOL I'm experimenting with Elmers that has a small brush purchased at Hobby Lobby. I'll know more about it after I get to fish it tonight, hopefully. Small bottle with small brush. Attaching TRD to regular shaky head jig can be almost impossible. I'm going to try heating the spring with bic lighter. Friend says it works good----shall see said the blind man!
  12. Tubejig

    Triton vs. Nitro

    I buy whatever brand I prefer. Have 21ft Skeeter now but I've had couple Rangers and few others as well. I'm older so I've owned a few. I think warranty and available dealer service is most important. And resale should be considered strongly. You'll be happier, I think, if you buy a boat that best suits you rather than which brand. I feel confident in local dealer taking care of warranty issues and it's within 15 mins of home.
  13. Tubejig

    Crappie Fishing

    They're deep, Douglas anyway, and schooled up pretty tight. Some guys I know fish for them from daylight to mid-morning. Find with electronics and use minnows. But when my children were small I preferred to get some wax worms and bobber fish for bluegills. They're thicker than fleas at the pound! Keeps the youngun's occupied catching fish as it's faster and more reliable in the summer. But you can find crappie if you search for them. Drifting along river channel above Walters Bridge can be good.
  14. Tubejig

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    FWIW---I've heard the TR20 is a nice boat. Don't have any experiences to share but, I went to a 21 ft Skeeter last year. I'm not trying to persuade you to Skeeter. Just talking about the length. The longer boat rides better, has more storage and is more stable.
  15. Tubejig

    New boat

    Nice rig. Been thinking of getting one for the river.