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  1. Maybe as a loner...Iā€™m thinking I have a kitchen pass...šŸ˜šŸ˜
  2. I hate 'em. In the past, you could fish the same bank fairly close to another boat and both enjoy the experience (with black lights on). Now, if you get within 200 yards of some of them, you either have to pull your hat brim down over your face or leave the area. It's ridiculous how some seem to feel the need to give the appearance of being a city when moving down the bank.
  3. It's about time you decided to join and get some lessons...
  4. Couldn't coordinate a partner but I'll be there. If anyone is available to dump me in, I'll try and get there extra early.
  5. Fence Post


    Sharp! Sounds like a lot of thought and work...
  6. Add one more bit of advice to MM's. Make sure you keep a spare wiggler in the back tray...
  7. Fence Post


    I did my bow lights yesterday afternoon. Just a heads up to those who want a neat streamlined finish... the center tubing that you remove from the cut-away area will leave the recess too deep to create a flush, built-in look. I attached my strip to a 3/16 plastic filler, then ( black ) RTV'd the filler strip to the back of the space. This flushed the light strip with the surrounding rub rail. My next project will be to mount an LED headlight to a short section of bowlight tubing and use in existing plug. This will be completely removable and easy to store when not needed. Looks like the days of the tractor headlight are done...
  8. I'll stick to my Moonlites for fishing. Nothing better on the market. I ordered the Bluewater LED bow lights for the rub rail tonight. Project for one morning next week. I'm thinking of a switch on the bow panel to cut them out of the circuit so I can use only the stick light up front when I need to be in stealth mode (topwater walleye at night).
  9. First class. I don't get to fish nearly as many as I'd like but enjoy each one. Congrats to the boys bringing home the accolades and the tourney committee. A huge thank-you to whoever dropped me in and parked my truck. In the frenzy, I didn't even take note who it was. Now, one thing for certain...if the weather and pattern had held from Friday, y'all may have been for a butt waxing! Glad I didn't count on it and plan accordingly. NOT!
  10. Probably gonna have to solo but think I can make it. Hope Chris got to stop and get me some trout Minners.
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