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  1. Greenpumpkin

    Registering a boat in Tennessee

    Awesome. Thanks for the detailed info.
  2. Greenpumpkin

    Registering a boat in Tennessee

    We're moving to TN later this year. I have a boat & trailer I've owned since 2003 and it's titled and registered in IL currently. What is the registration process for TN - boat and trailer (is there a title for the motor - I don't have one currently). Typical expense? Thanks! Sam
  3. I've fished the Fox Chain of Lakes, Fox River and a bunch of the power plant lakes - it's quite an experience to fish in 20 degree weather with snow falling in early March. Never fished the Kankakee River.
  4. We're moving from the Chicago area, but have been fishing in mostly WI for the last 15 years - we have extremely clear glacier lakes, Lake Michigan/Sturgeon Bay/Green Bay. I also fish the Upper Mississippi a lot - probably my favorite.
  5. I just joined TNBassFishing.com. We're moving later this year and have picked the Knoxville area - closer to kids and extended family, I'd like to learn about the lakes and techniques that work best, etc. I'll join a club once we get moved and I know where we're we'll actually be living. What are everyone's favorite lakes? Thanks!