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  1. sputterbuzz

    Lowrance Hds Head unit

    Look at Russell Marine products also
  2. sputterbuzz

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    Dobyns 805cb, good for swimbaits also.
  3. sputterbuzz

    Skeeter FX21 for sale

    This is a great price on this boat...and it's beautiful too!
  4. sputterbuzz

    Ned rig

    I'd fish a turd if it'd catch fish! I love the little deal also. They bite it, but I can't catch any big ones on it. I have trouble rigging it also, but the zman heads make a difference on getting them straight. I've got some heads that are made by a local guy and it takes 172 attempts to get it like I want it on those. Good thing they don't tear like regular plastic.
  5. sputterbuzz

    Triton boats

    I have heard that also although I was told it wasn't a rumor that The triton line will be going away. This was from a dealer but until you see the official announcement who knows.
  6. In case you haven't heard the 2 stroke motor is soon to be a thing of the past. 4 stroke manufacturing only from here on our is what I hear.
  7. sputterbuzz

    Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    Have you tried his spinnerbait? They don't work, you should never buy them and never throw them in muddy water. All of his baits are awesome!
  8. sputterbuzz

    Stratos Boats (A Sad Day)

    Legend was acquired as well.
  9. sputterbuzz

    Fishing Jersey

    I'll have to second what MM said on this. I got a hoodie back in December, it's awesome. They were excellent to work with and everything turned out exactly how I wanted it, plus they were quick and very personable. Talked to them at the show this weekend also, they're jerseys are very cheap and nice quality too.
  10. sputterbuzz

    New to me!!!

    Sweet ride and sweet gig! Good luck with the opportunity. Let us know how good it is.
  11. sputterbuzz

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Welcome to the Skeeter family- You will love it and love the fact you will never buy oil again. Sharp ride!
  12. sputterbuzz


    I buy a set of those stretchy women's gloves that come 3 to a pack. I use these to duck hunt in also, especially for my right hand so I can still call and it not be muffled. They look kinda funny but do the trick. I can cast a bait caster in them also, however, they are not treble hook friendly. If one gets near them, they jump out and grab it and then its scissors time. They are small enough I can keep them on when I put on larger gloves for running. And they are cheap. My hands don't get very cold as a general rule though.
  13. sputterbuzz


    It is noisier than your normal trolling motor. I have run one most of the year in my partners boat. Here are some things I like and dislike about it: Pros: Turns 360 degrees basically Spot Lock Remote use Straight one piece shaft Cons: Noisy in shallow Water Foot pedal bigger than normal Takes some getting used to the way it operates Overall, I will have one eventually
  14. sputterbuzz

    Fiberglass Touch Up

    Chris is still in business, took the Bug over there last Friday and he did an estimate for me, now if I can just find the time to get away from work and leave it for a few days!
  15. sputterbuzz

    Fiberglass Touch Up

    Thank you sir!