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  1. Gloves

    I buy a set of those stretchy women's gloves that come 3 to a pack. I use these to duck hunt in also, especially for my right hand so I can still call and it not be muffled. They look kinda funny but do the trick. I can cast a bait caster in them also, however, they are not treble hook friendly. If one gets near them, they jump out and grab it and then its scissors time. They are small enough I can keep them on when I put on larger gloves for running. And they are cheap. My hands don't get very cold as a general rule though.
  2. Ultrex

    It is noisier than your normal trolling motor. I have run one most of the year in my partners boat. Here are some things I like and dislike about it: Pros: Turns 360 degrees basically Spot Lock Remote use Straight one piece shaft Cons: Noisy in shallow Water Foot pedal bigger than normal Takes some getting used to the way it operates Overall, I will have one eventually
  3. Fiberglass Touch Up

    Chris is still in business, took the Bug over there last Friday and he did an estimate for me, now if I can just find the time to get away from work and leave it for a few days!
  4. Fiberglass Touch Up

    Thank you sir!
  5. Fiberglass Touch Up

    Thanks MM, I googled everything I can think of and can't find any contact info, I may just ride out there this evening and see if I can find it. Does he have a shop with a sign?
  6. Fiberglass Touch Up

    Does anyone have a local recommendation for someone to touch up a fiberglass chip?
  7. Phoenix sighting

    He's from Elizabethton. It's exactly what I'd order if I was buying.
  8. Huge Tackle Lot

    Possibly but I use PayPal for transactions and that is some protection plus you receive the money before shipping.
  9. Huge Tackle Lot

    Peck, there is a facebook page called bass baits buy barter that you don't have to pay any fees to list or sale, I think that might be just as good of a route. I agree, if a man had the time to split it up and lot it out, there's no telling how much he could get for all the stuff I have.
  10. Huge Tackle Lot

    Ok guys, I have a huge lot of fishing itemsI need to get rid of. I have close to 1000 hard baits, some old, some new, some vintage plugs that are high dollar. I have close to 3000 bags of plastic, some new never opened some have been opened but all in good shape. Over 1000 spinnerbait blades, several hundred buzzbait blades, spinnerbait wire, lead pot, molds, hundreds of new silver buddies, Stan Sloan blacklights, older rods and reels, jig tying equipment, rod building material, hundreds of spinnerbaits, yards and yards of old living rubber and lots of other miscellaneous items. I want to sell this all as a lot if possible because I don't have time to split it up. I am asking $3400 for the entire lot, and I know this will be a tough sale as a lot but if you're interested, PM me and I'll send you pictures or discuss any details with you. I'll ask for only serious inquiries only please.
  11. Stratos Boats (A Sad Day)

    I have considered a kayak just to fish smaller places that I can't get the skeeter to but with as little time as I have anymore it probably would just sit in the garage. I would bet there will be a boat brand pop up that will capture the market (10%) of the total sales for ranger stratos and triton that the dissolving of stratos leaves. I wouldn't be surprised if falcon doesn't pick up some of that market. Those guys used to work for Stratos and from what I hear make a nice boat in the Falcon. I know they do quality fiberglass work and are great guys.
  12. Stratos Boats (A Sad Day)

    I guess you all are aware by now that the stratos boat line will be going away. I'm sure some company will buy them and continue to produce them (maybe), but when I sat back and thought about the quality brand and good price point boat that Stratos has been over the years I am a little saddened. I have had 5 tournament bass boats in my life, 3 stratos, one triton and now a skeeter. I love my skeeter but started out in a stratos so it holds a special place in my life lol. With Ranger releasing their icon boat at base model price of $98,995 I'm not sure I'll be able to ever afford another bass boat anyway.
  13. Lowrance

    Take a look at the Lowrance Elite TI, reasonably priced and will network.
  14. Skipping Jigs

    I use a Dobyns 784 and a 735, both have enough tip to skip and enough backbone to get them away from a dock post. 20lb fluorocarbon.
  15. Skipping Jigs

    I don't have much to add here that hasn't already been said, but when I lived in SC, I spent one whole summer practicing skipping a jig for several reasons, but the most pressing was that I sucked at it and fishing Norman, Wateree, and Murray it was a necessity. Just like the concept of skipping a rock, the more flat profile skips better, also make sure that your rod of choice has a fast action tip. The stiffer the rod on the end, the more difficulty you will have positioning the bait where you want it to hit and ultimately land. Any reel will work that doesn't backlash too bad, easy to say, not so easy to do. Also, if this is a technique that you want to continue to be good at, just like anything you have to continue to do it. Since I live in East TN now, I don't skip a jig nearly as much and my skipping skills are not so optimal.