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  1. Well fellars, I've got another question that I would love some help with. I have a Lowrance Hook 5 with chirp, downscan, gps and trackback. I'm wanting to mount this unit at the front of the boat, but have a question about the transducer. How does a man mount these things to a trolling motor? I feel dumb as all get out, but I can't wrap my little brain around this one. The trolling motor is a minnkota fortrex. thanks again
  2. Huntandfish

    Trollig Motor and fish finders

    Thanks y'all. My neighbor had a very similar boat and was familiar with the layout. Hopefully we'll get a chance to work on it in the next week or so and I'll come back with a progress report!! I'm always open for ideas and suggestions! Thanks again!
  3. Huntandfish

    Trollig Motor and fish finders

    He also said the old trolling motor was a 12 volt where this one is a 24....
  4. Huntandfish

    Trollig Motor and fish finders

    Ahhh I see, thanks. My neighbor had a fish tape so that saves me a trip!! Thanks! Well the only wires I have found go to a 2 prong plug (I assumed it was used for the old motor guide trolling motor that was on it) so I was thinking if I could get a female 2 prong plug to use for the minnkota I could go that route. As for the fish finder, i know it had one up there but I can't find any evidence of left over wire for it. I searched around the batteries too for wire that may have went up to it but have failed to find any.
  5. Huntandfish

    Trollig Motor and fish finders

    Thanks buddy! I guess I'll have to get that at a marine dealer?
  6. Hello all and I'll start off by saying this is my first post so I apologize if it's a repeat or something similar you've seen before. Secondly, this is also my first boat. It's nothing fancy, 17' 6" pro craft bass. The hull, carpet and seats are in perfect shape. My problem is, it has no fish finders and no trolling motor currently on it. I have a minnkota fortrex 80 to put on it, and a 1159 humminbird as well as a lowrance hook 5. The thing is, I can't locate the wiring from the previous units. How hard is it to do this? As far as running new wiring from the front to the back? Thanks!
  7. Huntandfish


    Hey folks. Finally got a boat (needs some updating) and figured I could find some help and answers here! Thanks for having me!