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  1. Ladybassing

    Introduction ladybassing

    I need all the help I can get with that. I'm not super familiar with watauga. I know Rat branch and that is about it 😂
  2. Ladybassing

    Introduction ladybassing

    Thank you snj60.
  3. My name is Lauren. I've lived in the tri-cities my whole life. I used to live within walking distance of South Holston lake. Used to fish off of the docks as a kid for panfish. Now I love to fish for any kind of fish I can. I love to catch smallmouth bass. I am hoping to one day catch a nice walleye for my husband to be able to try. I think they are the best eating fish. Only had it once in my life and it's not enough. Hoping to learn lots from the forum. I am a bank fisherman, hoping to eventually get in a kayak, but for now I'm beating the bank 😂