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  1. Found a Great Battery Deal Local

    His number is (865) 755-6566 you can text him or what not. Enjoy
  2. There is a guy over here close to me in Knoxville selling Deka agm 31 batteries for 40 bucks with core. They are new but 6 months old. Im snagging 2 next week. I will try and get his info up if any of you are intetested.
  3. Huge Tackle Lot

    Are there any items left or have you sold them all? Thanks
  4. Welcome TNRoostertail

    Thx for the welcome guys. I should have my boat ready soon then im gone fishin lol. Wish I never sold my Norris Craft lol.
  5. 24p Laser II Prop Trade

    Oh some more info lol. My prop is off a 115 Mercury and I can't get pics to upload says they are way too big. I can text or email you pics of the prop. I may look at a 20p prop as well or a 22p. This is just too much wheel for this boat.
  6. 24p Laser II Prop Trade

    I have an almost new laser 2 prop in 24p. It has one very small nick in it. I am looking for a 21p prop 3 or 4 blade. Thx
  7. Welcome TNRoostertail

    Hey guys just checking in, never hurts to try and learn the good spots from others lol. I will mainly be fishing Norris, Cherokee and Douglas.