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  1. Astro180

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    I'm in the same boat, we had siracha chicken.😂
  2. Sounds like you may know an ancient Chinese secret!! lol I'm not sure what the water clarity is going to be, if it cleans up enough from all the rain we've had you might be onto something!
  3. OK guys, first stop of the year, what's it going to take to pull of a W?? I am going to say 15.10 with a 5.3 LM for the big fish. Looking forward to getting another awesome year started!
  4. Astro180

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    That sounds similar to the time I got a yellow jacket in my shirt rolling about 70 on a Harley!!!
  5. Astro180

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    I've been wondering if you were gonna bite the bullet and come fish with us or not, considering your love for boone!! LOL!!!
  6. Astro180

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    Put smalliecrusher as my partner.
  7. Keep me posted on how all that goes together and works. I am trying to learn how all that stuff works.....Trying being the key word here......
  8. Astro180

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    Go ahead and put astro and partner TBD
  9. Astro180

    Welcome phoenix619pro

    Welcome to the site!
  10. I just mounted a couple new units, one on bow and one on console....I have the two coupled with ethernet, but i am interested in linking the two new(to me) units into my elite 7 with Nmea 2000 network. Hopefully someone here can answer all these questions for the both of us!
  11. Astro180

    HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

    So after putting More thought into it and calling lowrance I have a new plan....I'm going to move the 7 up front so I have sonar and down scan at the bow, then I'm going to install one 5 at the console and one at the bow connected with Ethernet to share waypoints. As of now I'm looking to buy a bar and mounttthem side by side in front of the tm petal.. anybody have any recommendations to consider before I order the brackets?
  12. Astro180

    HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

    I thought about that, couldn't I just switch the cards?
  13. I managed to get my hands on a pair of HDS 5's, one gen 1 and one gen 2. I already have an elite 7 hds at the console, the 7 has the basic chip card that comes in the kit. The 5's come with a platinum card, i am trying to decide how i want to do the mounting and what to put where. That's why i figured i would ask you guys, the units were previously flush mounted one at bow and one at the console. What i have in mind is leaving the 7 where it is and mounting the 5's on the bow, using one for a map and one for sonar. Thoughts and input?
  14. That is one SWEET looking boat you've got there.
  15. Astro180

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Are y'all gonna post a sign up on here for the Rodeo's or just show up and pay up??