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  1. That is one SWEET looking boat you've got there.
  2. Astro180

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Are y'all gonna post a sign up on here for the Rodeo's or just show up and pay up??
  3. Astro180

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    I have told a few guys around here about it, getting some interest for sure. I hope to be able to make this one.
  4. Astro180

    2019 Tournament Trai Schedule

    +2 on Douglas at night....AND NIGHT TOURNEY ON SOHO!!!!
  5. Astro180

    2019 Tournament Trai Schedule

    That's a good looking schedule!!!! Looking forward to March 2nd!!! 😎
  6. Astro180

    Welcome wwclyde

    Welcome to the site.
  7. Astro180


    Welcome to the site. Also, in regards to your rig. The fish don't care what you've got. What's important bis the fact your out on the water doing what you love. The fact your better half goes with you is an added bonus!
  8. Astro180


  9. Astro180

    Lews SG1 rods

    When i make it over to Watson's i will give you a shout for sure, I will also look at the fitzgerald rods, for sure! Thanks for the input.
  10. Astro180

    Lews SG1 rods

    I have been looking at different rods, specifically a 7'-7'6" medium heavy and heavy and keep coming across the Lews SG1 priced at $49.99. Has anyone actually held or used one of these? I have been by the local store to put my hands on one, but they never seem to have it in stock (no shock really). I have intentions to make a trip to BPS, cabelas, or Watson's at some point before i buy. Just curios if any of you guys have or have used them...any pros and cons?
  11. Thanks for the input....I am starting to eliminate all these things a piece at a time. As i stated earlier, i replaced the filter and lines last January. I took the boat out tuesday and ran out what fuel i had and filled her up with fresh PURE gas and some stay-bil for the winter.....OR until i cant stand not fishing anymore which is probably more accurate!😁😂
  12. Astro180

    Welcome timford

    Welcome to the site! I'm sure you can make a few new fishing buddies here.....I know i did
  13. Astro180

    Welcome qb1011

    Welcome to the site.
  14. I replaced both lines and filter last January.
  15. When you say older, what years would that be? Mine is a 96 merc 115, at this point in time would that count as an "older" motor? Also, in regards to fuel lines, i had them replaced last winter with some that are supposed to be able to tolerate the ethanol. Thanks for the input everyone, I greatly appreciate it!