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  1. Thanks. Just wanted to clarify astro180 and sarge58 will be there in the morning, allowing i get up.
  2. If ive got a buddy who wants to fish with csn I sign up as me and Guest or does he have to Register?
  3. For the most part as long as you keep a safe distance off the bank while running you should be ok. There is a rock hump just a little off the point where a creek runs in on the Watauga side, and some shallow rock right in front of the beach next to the ramp, but i THINK both those have markers on them. That's all i can think of, but i'm sure if I am forgetting something someone will be along here shortly to add that.
  4. Nobody knows the torque specs for a Mercury?
  5. After the site tournament on SOHO i had to try to find the problem with my outboard, after some tinkering i found a clogged carb and a leaking gasket. I was able to fix the carb, and i ordered the gasket. Does anyone know what the torque specs for the bolts on the cover are, or if there is a specific tightening pattern needed?
  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone and wetting a line....been 7 days since i wet a line and i just lost sight in my left ear!!! 😂😂
  7. P-LIne CX and CXX both glow well, the CXX more so than the CX. Thats all i use anymore. the brighter one is a purple pack, the other is like a grey and purple.
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