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  1. that sounds like you might have to call in to work sick that day!😆
  2. Boat does have some foam, but doesn't appear to be water logged at all. My boat doesn't have a jackplate, but I ordered a 19P 4 blade prop this morning. I will give it a go and hopefully be in there. I talked to a guy that works across the road yesterday, he had been dealing with the same issue on his boat and finally determined his stator was weak, so I checked mine before I ordered the prop.
  3. I had lne other person recommend the whale tail, never heard a 4 blade would get you out of the hole quicker
  4. I've got a 1800 Astro with a 115 mercury 115 ELPTO, currently running a laser II 22 pitch. with 2 guys and empty live wells the boat is slow coming out of the hole, with the wells full you cannot get it on pad without someone laying on the front deck. This last trip even with empty wells and someone on the front deck it was a fight to get on pad. I pulled the prop when i got home and found the plastic piece cracked pretty badly, I am going to order the new assembly. What would you guys recommend as far as prop pitch to get out of the hole with a full load? I am not to concerned about top speed considering I don't fish many tournaments in that boat, the goal i am shooting for is to be able to get on pad quickly with a full load and be able to pull a tube or skier. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Thanks. Just wanted to clarify astro180 and sarge58 will be there in the morning, allowing i get up.
  6. If ive got a buddy who wants to fish with csn I sign up as me and Guest or does he have to Register?
  7. For the most part as long as you keep a safe distance off the bank while running you should be ok. There is a rock hump just a little off the point where a creek runs in on the Watauga side, and some shallow rock right in front of the beach next to the ramp, but i THINK both those have markers on them. That's all i can think of, but i'm sure if I am forgetting something someone will be along here shortly to add that.
  8. Nobody knows the torque specs for a Mercury?
  9. After the site tournament on SOHO i had to try to find the problem with my outboard, after some tinkering i found a clogged carb and a leaking gasket. I was able to fix the carb, and i ordered the gasket. Does anyone know what the torque specs for the bolts on the cover are, or if there is a specific tightening pattern needed?
  10. Looking forward to seeing everyone and wetting a line....been 7 days since i wet a line and i just lost sight in my left ear!!! 😂😂
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