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  1. For the most part as long as you keep a safe distance off the bank while running you should be ok. There is a rock hump just a little off the point where a creek runs in on the Watauga side, and some shallow rock right in front of the beach next to the ramp, but i THINK both those have markers on them. That's all i can think of, but i'm sure if I am forgetting something someone will be along here shortly to add that.
  2. Nobody knows the torque specs for a Mercury?
  3. After the site tournament on SOHO i had to try to find the problem with my outboard, after some tinkering i found a clogged carb and a leaking gasket. I was able to fix the carb, and i ordered the gasket. Does anyone know what the torque specs for the bolts on the cover are, or if there is a specific tightening pattern needed?
  4. Looking forward to seeing everyone and wetting a line....been 7 days since i wet a line and i just lost sight in my left ear!!! 😂😂
  5. P-LIne CX and CXX both glow well, the CXX more so than the CX. Thats all i use anymore. the brighter one is a purple pack, the other is like a grey and purple.
  6. I'm in the same boat, we had siracha chicken.😂
  7. Sounds like you may know an ancient Chinese secret!! lol I'm not sure what the water clarity is going to be, if it cleans up enough from all the rain we've had you might be onto something!
  8. OK guys, first stop of the year, what's it going to take to pull of a W?? I am going to say 15.10 with a 5.3 LM for the big fish. Looking forward to getting another awesome year started!
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