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  1. Greetings, I like FC line on my worm rig, especially for finesse worms during the nest. Line twist and tangle have been a problem since line tension is low using light baits and short casts. Can someone recommend a really soft FC brand? Assume 8-10# test. Thanks, bc
  2. Thanks. I was on Boone last Friday and the surface was a whopping 57 deg. Pretty chilly for late April. We have had a ton of rain and very few warm days. Everything is a little off this year. bc
  3. Greetings, Some lakes are in turnover right now. Any suggestions for success during this time? I have always found it difficult to catch fish during this time. Regards, bc
  4. Thanks for the help. I got the information about the baits I was looking for. Due to financial and health reasons, I am not a candidate for an "official" bass boat. I have fished out of them and they are great. Right now I am fishing solo so I go where its easy to launch and recover and usually on weekdays. My main hobby has been competition sporting clays shooting since 1994. Doing more fish now due to travel costs and other expenses. Hope to see you all out there. bc
  5. My electronics consist of my imagination and memory of what I saw on scuba and when the lakes were drawn way down. You guessed it, I fly blind. I have a few spots on Boone while its down that are consistent but the bigger lakes are just a shot in the dark. Thanks, for the help. bc
  6. Not meaning to downplay local lakes. I tend to fish in spring and fall when water is lower and some of the cover is high and dry. Mostly rock bluffs, points and pockets. My boat is a river boat so I don't have sonar, only thermometer on the trolling motor. I usually fish close to where I launch since its pretty slow. Thanks, bc
  7. Thanks. When the fish aren't up in crankbait, spinner bait, or topwater range, I am lost. Compound that with the fact that our lakes are deep and pretty devoid of structure like the southern lakes, and it gets complicated. bc
  8. When do these baits work best? Is one (tube), better than another (grub)? How about shaky heads and football jigs? Please understand, I am not a skilled bass fisherman, just an ordinary Joe who wants to improve my chances on local lakes such as Cherokee, Douglass, and SoHo. Regards, bc
  9. Nice catch! Beech used to have a rep for break ins. Has that improved? Thanks, bc
  10. Greetings, I am retired and want to learn more about the local bass fishing. I live close to Boone Lake and go to Douglas and Cherokee as well. Fishing without information is like flying blind. Either I get lucky or strike out. I am hoping to get up to date information on what baits are hot and which lake is best. Hopefully will make friends as well. Regards, blaserdude1
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