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  1. Reaction Innovation " Vixen ". If they are missing it, downsize to a " Barely Legal Vixen " . Flavor is Bone of course !!
  2. Looking for 1970"s stereo reciever and speakers.Shoot me a PM

  3. I have a few Micro Magic Duckett rods and the only downside I have had with micro guides is using braid with leader. Even tying the most compact knot it will still have trouble going thru guides....but that is with using 12 lb. and larger leader material and haven't tried anything smaller.
  4. pccustomtackle

    Pop R

    The old one knocker of early 1980 vintage !!
  5. pccustomtackle

    Pop R

    I use a Castaway 6' Med ( Craig Powers Topwater Series ) baitcaster. It will make your Pop R do things that will drive the bass crazy !!!
  6. I think Chris is onto something !!
  7. Working fine on my Android phone.....Samsung Note 3
  8. Ive got a buddy that has been catching some Magnum Spots on that technique on Carters lake.
  9. I think they walk better with #4 trebles and not had any hookup issues either. Try both sizes and see which works best for you !!
  10. Does the tail weight knock when you shake it ?
  11. I've bought a lot of fishing gear from Simmons.....good seller and fast shipping !!
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