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  1. I think i might give it a shot depending how everything measures when i mock it up. I think I have read that the rule is 1" higher for every foot setback, but my knowledge about jack plates is based on what I have read, not on experience. Here is a pic of my current dimensions BOAT INFO2.pdf
  2. I gotcha. I do know my anti ventilation plate is 2 " above the bottom of the hull with the water pump intake top hole even with the bottom of the hull. I have a drawing ( that i left at work) that shows all the dimensions i pulled. Perfofmance wise, the boat comes right up on plane and max speed is 37 mph with the wife and fishing gear on board. I think my motor will be too high with a plate set at the lowest position. I will be pulling the motor anyway so I will temporarily bolt up the plate motor combo to see how everything looks. I am also installing a water pressure gauge as well. I will post a pic tommorrow with dimensions.
  3. Hi all. I am pondering installing a jackplate on my boat. I am not looking for any performance gains but am considering it as I'm afraid my lower unit will block one side of my sidescan transducer. I have a number of variables to add to the equation. I currently have 4" and a 6" manual jackplates . I also have another identical sidescwn transducer, but would have to buy a splitter cable and put a few more small holes in my transom . My transom seems to be solid but with my old mercury 80hp I might have to get creative on the install due to the external hydraulic trim cylinders and the fact that my mmotor might sit too high at the minimum height setting using the plate. Just looking for some thoughts or ideas.
  4. I'm lucky enough to be within 1/2 hours drive of both Old Hickory and Percy Priest. That being said, I prefer Old Hickory as I've fished it since I was a kid. I'm planning to try some of the other lakes once I have enough confidence in my motor.
  5. Thanks all. Yeah, she's already asking me if the boat will be ready when spring arrives. She's definitely a keeper! As far as the boat goes, you are right, the fish don't care. It is the nicest boat I've ever had though!
  6. I know this thread is from September, but I've tried the Chinese switchboxes. Mine was the model for the 4cyl in lines, but it works great. Even if you buy a CDI brand box, the rectifiers, scr's and capacitors are most likely made in china.
  7. Hi all. I stumbled across this forum today and after reading some of the info here I decided I wished to join. Although there are " bigger " forums out there I saw a lot of great info here. Me, I definitely do not have the best or newest boat and gear, but it was all pretty decent in its time. My boat is a 15' 1990 Bumblebee 254 with a frankensteined mercury 85 hp (1976-1980 the best parts from 3 motors) with power T&T , Humminbird 997C graph at the console, lowrance LMS 520 at the front with a minn kota 45lb thrust trolling motor. This boat is a work in progress as it's about to get some new carpet and I have recently buffed it out with pretty good results. I manage 37 mph (gps speed) with a really beat up 12x19 aluminum prop with me and the missus on board. I fish Old Hickory lake mainly with the wife who loves to fish.
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