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  1. Caught about 15 bluegill , and the bass was less than a pound.But enjoyed it as always . The bass was also caught on a rainbow colored crappie bait , my son got tied up and it bit as soon as I broke the line free .He thoroughly enjoyed reeling in his first bass .
  2. A little Pensacola content .5’3” blacktip. Caught tagged and released . Hope to add some Kingsport content later today.


  3. Hello all, I’m from Pensacola FL , but my family is in the Churchill Kingsport area, and we visit every few months . Looking forward to fishing the area . Going to fish the neatherland inn area today , probably going to bring some 6” worms and a swim bait . Any suggestions on colors ?
  4. Thank you SJK , I’m from Pensacola FL. My family lives in the Churchill area, and we come up every few months. I’ll be fishing a few different spots the next few days .
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