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  1. I want to try them on Old hickory.Do you have any specific way you rig them or do you run them on a nose lock swimbait hook.
  2. Have any of you fished them? I'm thinking the 4''/6'' sizes would make a good swimbait size for the Middle Tn lakes I fish.
  3. I came really close to financing a brand new 189 trx when I came across this one.
  4. Thanks. It works well for the type of fishing I do.I plan on holding on to for a long time.
  5. I thought Id post my little rig up.Its a 98 TR17. I'm the third owner. I've had bumble bees a couple aluminum rigs and this by far my favorite boat I have ever had.
  6. So far its been the best boat I have ever owned.
  7. Hey new here but not new to Tn. I fish Old hickory mostly I fish Barkley/Kentucky a few times a year. I also fish Barren in Ky on occasion.I'm planning on fish Dale hollow more in the followinf months since I have bought my Triton.
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