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  1. JbmidTn

    Phenix rods?

    I've been using mine a little bit and I like it so far. I'm thinking about getting a featherweight model next.
  2. They have a couple s3 smokes for 109.99 I may have to pick up. Give me an excuse for a new rod lol.
  3. I picked up a couple of these speed freak smokes at 90 bucks a pop. I really like my other smokes of this generation so I couldn't pass them up lol.
  4. JbmidTn

    Phenix rods?

    I decided to pull the trigger on one to give it a try.Seems to be a really nice rod from my little bit of experience with it so far.
  5. JbmidTn

    Phenix rods?

    Anybody here use Phenix rods?I have a couple I'm looking at. The two rods I'm looking at are the feather series or the maxim series.
  6. I've rebuilt a boat with coosa board and it is expensive. I'd also definitely recommend having a shop give you some quotes first as working with glass and resin isn't fun.Not trying to down anyone for rebuilding a boat I'm just pointing out some of the negatives. The positives is that you have a boat that you already know thats should be better than new.
  7. The cable to cable swap isn't to bad I was thinking about going hydraulic but the price was way to inhibiting.
  8. I was tired of having to force the steering wheel to move and after cleaning the tilt tube I realized my cable was shot.I decided to replace the entire setup instead of just the cable as I wanted to eliminate any future issues.I can tell you the hardest part of the whole ordeal for me was getting the old rack bolts loose from the helm.I removed the old helm wheel and all as a whole unit instead of trying to get it apart while in the boat.I was able to get the steering wheel off with some light pecks with a rubber mallet.The new helm fit almost perfectly in the original hole in the console but I did have to drill some new bolt holes but it was no big deal.Once the helm was bolted up it was all downhill from that point.I now have 1 pinky steering.
  9. JbmidTn

    New Boat

    From what I have read they are solid rigs.
  10. I want to try them on Old hickory.Do you have any specific way you rig them or do you run them on a nose lock swimbait hook.
  11. Have any of you fished them? I'm thinking the 4''/6'' sizes would make a good swimbait size for the Middle Tn lakes I fish.
  12. I came really close to financing a brand new 189 trx when I came across this one.
  13. Thanks. It works well for the type of fishing I do.I plan on holding on to for a long time.
  14. I thought Id post my little rig up.Its a 98 TR17. I'm the third owner. I've had bumble bees a couple aluminum rigs and this by far my favorite boat I have ever had.
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