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  1. Glen Springs Lake is located in Tipton County in West Tn. It is part of TWRA'S managed lakes system. We are very close to the Mississippi River here. Unfortunately, contamination and pollution issues exist in the Mississippi River despite it being a decent fishery. My worry is that something similar has happened at Glen Springs even though it is an isolated land locked spring fed water body. I am greatly disappointed on both fronts as "management " seems to be complacent in respect to numerous recreational water bodies on this side of Tennessee. The writing on the wall tells me I will be in search of more pristine waters and a resident relocation plan. It's like feeling your line snap while the drag strips out. But at least my boat registration fees went up so I know I'm feeling appreciated!!
  2. Greetings, As a local to Glen Springs Lake, I was looking for bass anglers assessments on the bass fishing this year. I am finding that this has been the worst year ever for myself as well as for others. I have also caught several emaciated fish and have some concerns as to the health of the fishery. TWRA has been there lately doing fish studies / sampling but they have been ( and I quote from lake staff) "very tight lipped." Also of concern is the disappearance of the turtles, even though they can be a nuisance. I have fished there since it opened years ago and can't help to notice the disturbing changes. Any observations or recent accounts would be of great interest to myself as well as others who are wondering what is really going on??? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
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