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  1. tnsmallmouth

    2nd. Rodeo feb 9th Pat Henry

    Well old fort pat was stingy today with no limits weighed in today . Water temp was 42-49 and stained . We had 8 boats today . First place was Williams and Cox 3 fish for 9.7 . Second and big fish was bstatum22 and fisher 1 fish for 4.59 . 3rd was Gary and Denver 3.14.7 . 4th was alight448 and matt8385 1 fish 3.10.9 . 5th place was wells and btpd439 1 fish for 1.14 . Three boats did not weigh . Thanks to everyone that came out and supported tnbassfishing.com
  2. tnsmallmouth

    2nd. Rodeo feb 9th Pat Henry

    Rodeo is still on . Look for white tundra to pay entry fee . Money taken up til 745 . As of 8 this am the water was stained at this time . . See you in the morning . Thanks
  3. tnsmallmouth

    2nd. Rodeo feb 9th Pat Henry

    I can round you some up tracker .
  4. This will be the 2nd open rodeo for 2019 . The rodeo will be on Patrick Henry . Ramp will be the park ramp . 25 dollars entry . 8am-3pm . Please print and sign release form . Five fish limit . Check back for changes due to weather .
  5. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Well the first rodeo is in the books . We had six boats with four guest fishing today . Bobby Hicks aka bassaddict42 And Randy Lane came away with 1st place 17.3 and a 5.9 largemouth for big fish . Thanks to bronzeback hunter and hdhoppy for helping with the weigh in .
  6. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    The rodeo is on in the morning . See you in the morning . Safe travel .
  7. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    bulletduece weatherman called said it will be fine bring rain suit and pops to fish !
  8. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    No just come on and pay . No sign up needed we will fish no matter how many show up .
  9. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Good deal
  10. tnsmallmouth

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    I have had a lot of interest in the first rodeo . Lets get the members involved and fish . Look for the the white tundra to pay entry . Lets fish !
  11. The first rodeo will be held on Boone lake . The ramp will be Pickens bridge . Tournament hours will be 8am- 3 pm . Entry fee is 25 a boat .This will be a five fish limit . Please make sure you bring and fill out the release form . As always check back for changes due to weather .
  12. tnsmallmouth

    Rodeo for 2019

    The rodeos for 2019 will be held to give exsposure to the club . You will be expected to follow the tnbassfishing rules . These will be open rodeos for members and guest . Please check the forum the night before due to weather .
  13. 2018 Tnbf tournament was on lake Cherokee . We was met with 34 degree air temperature and we had 20 boats in this tournament . . We found Cherokee to be very stingy with only 4 limits weighed in . I would like to thank glitterrocket , buckeye83, blindhawg , and hdhoppy for helping me with the weigh in . Congrats to the winners and look for the classic post . 1.buckeye83 and guest 5 14.11.3 2.tobybol and donnieshvac 5 13.11.5 3. stratos and 21xd 5 12.13.7 4.glitterrocket and blindhawg 5 12.2.5 5 critter01- guest wilder 4 10.4.4 6whj812 and jamiedevers 4 10.3.7 7 tracker and spinflip 4 9.13.8 8 294 stratos - rhb 4 9.2.1 9 tnsmallmouth and hdhopy 4 9.10 10 basskicker and jigflipper 4 8.9.1 11 triton 196 and guest 3 7.12.7 BIG FISH 4.11.9 12 rzylkie and caleb2105 2 6.4.9 13 bigmike 102 and cory godsey 3 6.4.1 14 peck 2 5.7.4 ronjr and guest 1 10.0.3 trash fish rodknocker and triton173 dnw bigfoot and squarebill dnw ronjr and guest dnw mwatson and guest dnw stevehtn dnw dcokin and guest dnw
  14. I will try and be at the ramp at 6am to put in and then start collecting tournament fees cut off will be at 7o5 .Blast off will be across from the ramp at the head of turkey creek at safe light . Look for the white tundra with camper shell . Safe travel Chris