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  1. Congrats to Wes and Steve . Two tuff hammers for sure . Again congrats
  2. Tnbassfishing tournament for November 2 will be on Cherokee lake . We will be using fall creek boat ramp due to the tournament going out of 25e . Tournament hours are sl/4pm 5 fish limit . Hope to see everyone there . Shannon will be running this one And will have an address to the ramp look for the skeeter to pay .Thanks Here is the address to Fall Creek boat dock: 5656 Fall Creek Dock Rd, Russellville, TN 37860 When you turn in to the dock just follow the signs for the ramp. Look for the green and grey Skeeter and F-350. We are going to try to blast ASAP so signup will cut off at 7 am. 1.Mtcarmelbugman & the flea 2. Rodknocker & triton173 3. Tobybol & guest 4. Abrown93 & Benny Neal(g) 5. BulletDeuce & PromaX 6. tnsmallmouth & HDHoppy 7. Sme4de & Alvin Meade(g) 8. Stratos20 & Bomber 9. Bassaddict92 & Randy Lane 10. Twadzinski & guest 11. Fence Post 12. FishHawk & guest 13. Jamie & Ramsey
  3. Congrats on the win , also nice job tracker for helping out a fellow angler .
  4. Everyone please arrive early because there are other tournaments at the dam . Don’t get left on the ramp . Safe travels and see you in the morning .chris
  5. The 5th stop for tnbassfishing.com will be at Douglas lake .The ramp that we will use will be the ramp at the dam .Which is located off of boat launch road The tournament will be sl-4pm with five fish limit . As always watch for updates from Shannon and for tournament pay cut off time and hope to see you there Saturday morning . 1. Peck 2. 294 Stratos and tritonjoe 3. tnsmallmouth & HDHOPPY 4. MtCarmelVolBug 5. whj812 & fishyjoe 6. Stratosfaction & Jamie 7.
  6. After all the rain I would also think we should go out of the dam . Do to muddy water and trash . We should get it posted shortly . Thanks for being patient . Thanks again Chris
  7. Never been there mountain man . That would at least be interesting . I could go that or the dam .
  8. The next tournament Is on Douglas lake . Due to over 200 boats at Dandridge ramp . We are looking at other ideas and would like to see your idea to launch . Lets see what your thought is on the ramp issue ..... Go
  9. The fourth stop took us to the little pond of Fort Patrick Henry . We were met with a fog delay that caused us to start an idle only blast off . We had 12 boats in the event with 5 limits weighed in . Congrats to the winners 294stratos and Triton Joe on 1st place and BIG FISH .Thanks to everyone coming out to fish and hope to see you at the next one So here is the results . 1st 294stratos- tritonjoe 5 fish 15.10.9 and big fish 4.8.5 2nd alight- huff [g] 5 fish 15.1.8 3rd matt8385-guest 5 fish 13.8.1 4th Tnsmallmouth- hdhoppy 5 fish 11.10.5 5th bulletdeuce-promax 5 fish 11.7 6th trackertxw 2 fish 2.15 dnw emtwhetsel-jomo phoenix-bstatum22 dropthebass423-bassman423 peck jamie-stratosfaction tobybol-donnieshvac
  10. The fourth stop for tnbassfishing will be held on Ft. Patrick Henry . We will use the park ramp . Tournament hours will be sl-4pm with cut off for paying at 615 at the white tundra .spots 12 , Largemouth 12 and smallmouth 18 . Looking forward to seeing you there . Chris 1.tnsmallmouth - hdhoppy 2. alight445 & guest 3. matt8385 & guest 4. 294 stratos & triton joe 5. emtwhetsel & jomo 6. Phoenix719 & bstatum22 7. dropthebass423 & bassman423 8. Stratosfaction & Jaime 9. BulletDeuce & PromaX 10. trackertxw175 & spinflip 11. Peck 12. Tobybol & donnieshvac 13. crankDB & Z521 Ranger 14.
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